Dumbest Conspiracy Theories On The Internet. . .

Conspiracy theories are basically that explains an event or situation as being the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators. The world is full of unproven conspiracy theories which are becoming popular frequently with the time. Mostly they are related to covert government plans and intricate murder plots. But in spite of that, there are various weird conspiracy theories which make people baffle and one could never think of them.

  1. The Dreyfus affair
    The Jewish artillery officer Alfred Dreyfus was wrongfully condemned of treason on false government documents and was sentenced to life in prison, in the late 1800s in France. The government of France tried to cover this up, but Dreyfus was finally released after the affair was made public.
  2. The pyramids were built by dinosaurs
    The pyramids are still a mystery; no one knows how they were built. Interestingly many professionals believe that dinosaurs had a hand in constructing them.Professionals state that dinosaurs were trained to carry equipment just like elephants.
  3. Hitler is alive
    Among many theories about Hitler, the most common one is that he wasn’t actually killed in the bunker in 1945.Instead, it`s claimed that he escaped through a mass of tunnels, got a secret chopper and then a plane before he settled in Argentina.
  4. Fluoride in your water helps people control your mind.
    It was claimed by some people that at the regime of Hitler, he wanted to control the minds of German people and he came to know that fluoride can make it possible. Because the fluoride found in tap water makes people more obedient. From that government can easily control and manipulate the citizens. This has grown into a belief that every country which has fluoride in its water is secretly trying to control it`s people mentally.
  5. The Beatles never existed.
    One of the world`s super group “The Beatles” had never existed at all! All of them had been replaced several times. Apparently, the group was always fake and was made up of a cast of revolving actors who all looked the same.
  6. Queen Elizabeth is a cannibal.
    According to Hubert Humdinger, Queen Elizabeth is a cannibal. This means a person who eats the flesh of other human beings. He also adds that she descends from a long line of cannibals. This is the reason that she is still alive.
  7. Vladimir Putin poisoned Hillary Clinton
    Bennet Omolu is a forensic pathologist.According to him Putin slowly poisoned Hillary Clinton, perhaps with Trump`s help. Maybe this is the reason why Clinton fainted in September.

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