All That Is A Strict No No To Wear At Any Wedding. . .

Every wedding is special to everyone involved in those weddings along with the bride and groom. A wedding involves a lot of things from cake, clothes, jewelery, gifts, food etc. But there are things which you should be careful about doing a wedding. For example, you should be careful about what to wear and what not wear at a wedding.
Let’s have a look at some of the outfits and colors you should avoid wearing during a wedding:

  1. Do not wear white or bride colors!
    If you are attending a church wedding never dare to wear a white dress! Although there is nothing wrong with wearing a white dress, but people might actually be mistaken between you and the bride. Let the day be special for the bride and save your dress for some other occasion where you don’t need to take any vows.
  2. Jeans and t-shirt? No way!

    Never ever wear a casual jeans and t-shirt to a wedding, though you never know how casual a wedding can be, but wearing jeans and a top is no option. You can wear a normal simple dress with heels! Yes, don’t forget to wear heels because flip flops are not going to work at weddings 😛
  3. Animal print
    Unless it’s a theme based wedding, never try to act cool and wear an animal print dress to a wedding, it can be a huge disaster. The animal print dress will make you look different in the crowd and draw a lot of attention. So, always try to avoid experiments and animal print dress in a wedding.
  4. Hats!

    This NO is more direct towards men than women. Men generally make this mistake of wearing hats at the wedding! Well no, you should always avoid wearing hats unless it’s a dress code to the wedding. Hats are way too casual to be worn at a wedding.
  5. Sexy shit!

    To all those pretty ladies out there, short, tight and low-cut dresses are very inappropriate to be worn at a wedding. Looking and wearing sexy is fine at a wedding but there are some limits which should always be remembered. So always limit your sexiness to the extent which is desirable at a wedding and rock the show with simplicity.
  6. Neon colors? No!

    There was a time when neon colors were all in fashion, but now the trend has changed. Although neon is still loved by most of the people but it is surely not the color to be worn at wedding! You may also make the bride offended as you may steal the focus from the bride by wearing such attractive color dress, which may make you distinctive in the crowd.
  7. Avoid sequins and shine
    Always remember at a wedding you are a guest! Not a disco ball at the disc. So never wear way to shiny clothes at the wedding which may also make you a center of attraction and a joke at a wedding. If you love sequins work, make it as a part of your dress, don’t wear a dress full of shiny work and sequins, it will look ODD!

These were some of the attires you should always avoid wearing at a wedding and save yourself from being a center of attraction.

P.S. do make note of these points at the wedding very seriously!


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