Truly Disgusting Facts about Ancient Roman Life. . .

Ancient Roman culture and Roman people always hold a mythic place in the imaginations of human beings for many years. It acts as the land of many historical epics, like Gladiator and Ben-Hur. Especially, many people show interest to know about Roman culture because of the men during that time, who had golden armor to ride chariots, while emperors enjoy grapes by reclining in their chairs.

However, real life in any of the region of Rome was relatively less glamorous. Before the introduction of modern medicine and sanitization, the lifestyle of the Roman people was disgusting and even beyond the imagination.

  1. Romans Used Human Urines as Mouthwash
    If you have a look at the lifestyle followed in ancient Rome, you would likely come to know that pee (human urine) was a successful business, and government contains special taxes for sales of urine. During that time, there were large numbers of people earning their livings by the collection of urine and gathering at public urinals in some cases. In addition, few people visit door-to-door by carrying a big vat and asking people to fill them with urines. Another disgusting fact about ancient Roman people is that they use human urines as mouthwashes and few people of that time claim to others that cleaning with urine helps in keeping teeth as shining white.
  2. Unclean Public Toilets with People Sharing a Single Sponge
    Public toilets of ancient Rome were disgusting. According to archaeologists, they often remain in unclean conditions. In fact, sweepers clean them only when they found the toilets filled with parasites. Even Romans go to the bathrooms by carrying a special kind of combs for shaving out their lice. The worst part, in this case, is that individuals had to share a public toilet with large numbers of people and even have to share only one sponge placed on a stick to wipe them. In addition, the sponge shared by people remains in the unclean condition.
  3. Fear of Creatures Attack in Public Toilets
    Whenever people entered in any public toilet of Rome, they remain at a big risk of their own lives. This was because toilets may contain many creatures living within the sewage system and they might crawl upward and bite people when they were busy in their respective works. In addition, methane formation inside the toilet would ignite and even explode underneath individuals. Toilets were dangerous to such extent that people usually opt to resort to magical powers in their attempts to remain alive. Most of the walls of Roman toilets had magical spells intended to keep demons and harmful creatures at bays only. Other than this, few people arrived pre-equipped with Fortuna statues, i.e. the Goddess of luck meant to safeguard them.
  4. Blood of Dead Gladiators as Medicine
    Large numbers of Roman authors had reported one more disgusting fact about Roman people. Roman people were involved in thecollection and selling of the dead gladiators’ blood in the form of medicine. The main reason for this was that Romans apparently believed that the blood of the gladiator incorporates the power of curing epilepsy and hence, patients should have it for cure.

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