Lip Smacking Yogurt Recipes for Summer. . .

When summer comes you distance yourself from heavy, spicy yet delicious food. Though you cut on these heavy dishes and snacks but still the craving to eat something delicious could not be overcome. To put this craving to rest, turn up to some mouthwatering yogurt recipes. Yogurt is very beneficiary during summers. It is light, good for digestion and also helps your body in hydrating. Here some must try lip-smacking yogurt recipes for summer.

  1. Peanut Butter Banana Frozen Yoghurt
    This recipe is easy and also doesn’t require any special ingredients. This delicious frozen yogurt recipe is also a good substitute for ice cream. Once you try it, you are gonna fall in love with this heavenly combo of banana, peanut butter, and yogurt.
  2. Chocolate Cherry Frozen Yoghurt
    Chocolate is all time favorites and cherry, most loved one. This combination with yogurt is a perfect treat. If your kids often make faces to eat yoghurt, just treat them with this lovely chocolate, cherry and yoghurt combo and they are gonna love it. Also it is a perfect one for those who keep a count on fats and cholesterol as it is low in fats.
  3. Almond Pistachio Frozen Yoghurt
    This double nut delight can not be missed. It has the nutrients of almond and pistachio and these together make a yummy combo which is quite alluring and you can not stop yourself from tasting it.
  4. Chocolate Banana Frozen Yoghurt Bark
    This is one of the best retreats for kids. Healthy and delicious, this dish is an easy task and also will put an end to the kid’s demands of unhealthy desserts.
  5. Yoghurt and Apricot Crunchy Granola Crust Pie
    Craving for pie, but find it quite heavy to eat during summer? Here’s the solution, this recipe of yoghurt apricot pie will put your cravings at rest and also it is healthy, yoghurt being the main ingredient. It’s rich nutrient crust consist of almonds and oats which doesn’t lets you think twice about your health quotient before eating it.
  6. Lemony Frozen Yoghurt with Mango and Blueberries
    The very first thing that comes to mind on listening summer is Mangoes. Frozen Yoghurt with blueberries and delicious mangoes with a tinge of lemon – what else you need! Mangoes add to this combo’s deliciousness quotient.
  7. Coconut Almond Greek Yoghurt
    Are you strictly following you slimming regime and fed up of eating the daily boring diet? Here’s a chance for you. Coconut almond yoghurt, this recipe will be a tasty change in your diet and also perfect for your slimming. This is actually, a slimming recipe which will bring about a change in your daily food and also your taste buds will love it.

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