Inspirational Bollywood Movies Based On True Stories. . .

We all are a big fan of Bollywood and every year we wait for some great movies with great stories behind them. But nowadays filmmakers rather than producing their own story are more interested in showcasing the real life stories of those who really need to be known and valued in the country of such a big population.

Some of our great directors have worked really hard to portray the intricate moments of these real life stories and heroes. Let us have a look at some of these blockbuster movies based on true stories:

  1. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013):
    One of the best movies to be inspired from is this one, which was directed by the most talented director in the industry, Mr. RakeyshOmprakashMehra. The movie cast the life legendary athlete of India named Milkha Singh. It showcases how he turned his life upside down by utter determination and hard work.
  2. Mary Kom (2014):
    Another movie, which followed the same storyline, was Mary Kom that was also based on the life of 5-time world boxing champion MangteChungneijang Mary Kom. Themajor storyline of this movie was the life of a woman and her sacrifices. And how a woman should never ignore her passion in the daily hustle bustle of life. PriyankaChopra, who played the role of Mary Kom, gave full justice to the movie with her marvelous acting and hard work.
  3. Airlift (2016):
    It is said that the most selfish living soul also turn into generous heart at the time of trouble. Same is the story of Airlift movie, which is based on the true event that happened in Kuwait, during the Saddam Husain invasion in the year 1990, when hundreds of Indians were stuck in the war country. The story inspires about to walk hand in hand and help its country members at the time of need. It bring a new rage of patriotism inside our nerves.
  4. Special 26 (2013):
    Well, we must say, Akshay Kumar has been a part of lot of inspirational movies. He again stunned the viewers with his amazing performance as an Income Tax official. Accompanied by AnupamKher, the movie was based on the 1987 Opera House Heist, when a group of thieves pretended to be CBI officials and executed an income tax raid in a jewelry shop in Mumbai.
    Though, an inspiring story in a different tangent, but still the movie has some really good touch points and inspiring topics.
  5. No One Killed Jessica (2011):
    It is based on the true story of a model and restaurant worker Jessica Lal, who was shot by Manu Sharma. Being a son of a wealthy and intimidating politicianVinod Sharma, the case gained lot of media coverage and was depicted by Rajkumar Gupta in his movie No One Killed Jessica. The movie was a masterpiece and inspired its audience. The movies cast involved VidyaBalan as Jessica’s sister and Rani Mukherji as the lawyer.
  6. Guru (2007):
    It is based of the life of India’s biggest tycoon, businessman DhirubhaiAmbani. The movie has a lot of inspiring events. It is very inspiring to watch a journey of a common man to India’s biggest businessman. ActorAbhishekBachchan who played the role of Dhirubhai entertained the audience with his amazing acting skills.
  7. Talvar (2015):
    One of the best movies of the year was Talvar, which took us into the deep holes of our judicial system. The movie was based on the AarushiTalwar’s murder case and the movie touched each and every crucial element of the case. It showed us the different conflicting stories of the murder and loopholes in the Indian Judicial System.

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