Facts You Will Know Only If You Have a Marwari Friend. . .

We all have a lot of friends, but having a Marwari friend means a lot of entertainment in life. Marwari people are different in their own way and they never compromise with their culture. So, if you have a Marwari friend, then you have a lot of new things to know.
Let’s point out some of the things you will only know if you have a Marwari friend!

  1. Marwari’s have a lot of money but are still known to be “KANJOOS”

    Marwari people are known to be Kanjoos! If you have a Marwari friend they will tend to save each and every penny from their pocket money, even though they have a lot to spend. They have this trait in their culture to save money and never spend it until the worst situation is raised 😛
  2. Every Rajshri movie is a must watch for a Marwari

    Each and every Rajshri movie be it Prem Ratan Dhan Payo or any other is a must watch for a Marwari! The family drama these movies involves is so much related to the Marwari’s real life. Speaking the truth, Marwari’s love to watch family drama’s and they do love to perform same drama in real life also. If you have a Marwari friend you would understand what I am talking about 😛
  3. A girl should always know how to make Daal Baati
    A girl who is Marwari will always know how to cook Daal Baati! As a Marwari girl, knowing how to cook Daal Baati is a mandatory rule for her to impress her family members. Not knowing to cook this special Marwari dish is a black spot on her image and other Marwari families actually start questioning over girls capabilities to cook and do other stuff! Isn’t that strange? Well, only a person having Marwari friend will know.
  4. Leheriya, Bandhini, Gota are must
    Leheriya, Bandhini and Gota work clothes and accessories are the famous attire of Marwari’s. If you have a Marwari friend their Wardrobe will always have at least one or two Leheriya or Gota Patti work clothes.
  5. Family Business is the only option for a Marwari boy

    Marwari have this rule that if they have a boy in their family he is supposed to continue with their family business for sure! Even if you have done your post graduation from a really good college and want to do something else in your life, then throw that thought immediately through your mind! Because when it’s a Marwari khandaan no convincing is going to work and you will have to end up joining the family business.
  6. Summer Vacation = Rajasthan

    You may always think why your Marwari friend always goes to Rajasthan in each and every summer break? Well, this is something like a mandatory rule made by their parents or by Marwari ancestors! Walking in 50degrees that too in full summer does not make sense at all, but this is something a person cannot argue about if he/she is from a Marwari family.

    Marwaris can sometimes be very annoying to handle, but they are also the most trustworthy people who will always be beside you in your tough times. We all know there are some good and bad in ever culture, in a similar way there are perks of being a Marwari which is very entertaining and surprising.


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