7 Beaches in India that are bikini destinations. . .

What comes first in your mind when you think about beaches? Babes and Bikini, right ? And yes don’t forget to mention other beauty of beaches like coconut trees and beautiful view of endless sea. But in countries like India the bikini babes are common in movies but hardly exists in reality in local beaches. There are a few bikini beaches where you can enjoy sun basking in your hot bikini look without any social or personal influence of second person. The future of freedom of wearing bikini could be judged by looking at the scenario of the major beaches of India where Indian women are free to show their curves. Here are the 7 beaches which allow a freedom to wear bikini, which is an ideal dress-up for beaches.

  1. Colva beach, South Goa
    There are many reasons why this beach should be on the top of your best-listed beaches in India. This beach provides you the freedom of wearing a bikini and having a pure leisure. It attracts many foreigners especially the Russian who love to have some leisure in the talcum sand of the amazing beach. The future of a traditional swimming dress Bikini in India is expected to have a good future due to the presence of such beaches.
  2. Arambol Beach, North Goa
    This beach is present in the north part of Goa which restored the Hippie culture. This beach is also known as “topless beach” because during winters this beach allows you to have some leisure with more freedom. You can enjoy the natural beauty which is embedded with the orchids and coconut trees. Yoga, ayurvedic massage, meditation, and spa are another services provided by this beach.
  3. Varkala beach, Kerela
    In Kerala, there is a common culture of wearing plain Sarees with wide borders which are mostly hand weaving, but seeing women wearing the bikini is uncommon. But there exist some beaches which are exceptions as they give you freedom to wear the bikini. Varkala beach is one of the finest beaches in India where holidays are the promised memorable experiences.
  4. Om beach, Gokarna
    Can you imagine that Gokarna which is a devotional place clouded a place which is meant for true beach life. Babes in bikini are common on the beach and is just 3 km away from Gokarna town. Om beach is named so because it is shaped like the auspicious ॐ Om symbol. But don’t get confused with its religious name as it is a good place to enjoy water life in bikini.
  5. Radhanagar beach, Andaman
    A family friendly beach where you can enjoy the tides in the evening and are also free to wear what you feel like. It is considered as the most famous and one of the best beaches in Asia, where you can enjoy beach sports and water games. The best thing to being highlighted about the beach is that it is the 7th best beach in the world.
  6. Butterfly beach, Agonda
    The worth watching beach from Agenda, where you can enjoy its beauty and liberty. It is a small beach containing rocks and barbeque like sticks. But specially meant for couples this beach is a must visit place for having some good leisure.
  7. Silver beach, Cuddalore
    “A beach with no restrictions”. Silver beach is full fun and enjoyment. It is one of the longest beach in Asia which is a safe place for water sports due to its Island like structure. Silver Beach is also the location of Fort St. David, which has a long history as one of the three important forts built by the British Empire.

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