The Most Bizarre Things That Everyone Did in Childhood. . .

Childhood is a time full of fun. Also, the curiosity to know about anything is at its peak. We come across many new things which arouse curiosity in our little mind. Sometimes we do approach our elders but sometimes we act smart and make an attempt to solve our curiosity on our own and the famous saying “curiosity killed the cat” proves to be right when we do so. Such incidents of childhood, when curiosity turned into a stupid incident are presented here.

  1. Cracker that almost deafened me
    Diwali always leaves us with some cracker related incidents. I was also left with one when my brother lit a fire in one of the big crackers but it did not explode. To check whether the cracker has caught the spark, I went near it and learned with my face just above the cracker and what a timing it had – boom! it exploded. I could not hear any voice for some time and was blinded for a few seconds.
  2. Shaktimaan challenge turned me broken
    Those days when this show has hit the top of TRPs, flying like Shaktimaan had become every child’s desire. But I was so enthusiastic about flying like him that when a friend of mine challenged me – can you fly like shakti Maan? Unknown about the fact of gravity, I jumped off the terrace (thank God it was a ground floor house!). Next, I was found in a hospital with a plaster on one leg and hand. I was very well treated with my dad’s scolding and also a complimentary gift – no TV.
  3. Hungry me was about to get fried into hot oil
    My mother was preparing some evening time snacks for us. Since I was small and could not reach the kitchen platform, I kept a stool near it and stood over it. My mother tried hard to keep me away from it, but a stubborn child it hard to handle. Oil was heating in a utensil on the gas stove. I had put the wet spoon in hot oil and the reaction is known to all. I was imbalanced a fell on the floor. My mother was so worried as she thought that hot oil had fallen on me.
  4. Diwali made us more mischievous
    Knocking the door of the rudest uncle’s house was normal, we moved a step ahead and during Diwali, we would throw burning crackers in the house of the rudest uncle. This was fun for us until it turned into the injurious incident. On one such day when we threw a cracker, uncle was out in the verandah and that cracker exploded on him and caused him injury. We were caught and got hard scoldings at home and next year our Diwali was all without crackers.
  5. Big Bear Grylls’ fan
    I was in 6th standard and was so impressed by the daredevil Bear Grylls. He was always seen eating bizarre things (any insect, no matter what it is) while roaming around in no man’s land. It gave me an idea, of tasting one insect and brave me, I tried to eat an Emmet. It was ouch! My mother anyhow took it out of my mouth.
  6. That bicycle stoppie – aah!
    On getting a new cycle you feel like a king. My friends performed stunts with their bicycles and stoppie was the toughest and most popular among us. My friend told me not to perform it as I was not as experienced as they were. But no, I did not consider myself less than anyone! I rode my cycle in speed and as I applied the brake and made it stand on the front tire, cycle perpendicular to the ground, I was found lying on the ground and cycle lying over me – bravery turned into stupidity!

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