6 Epic Beauty Blogger Fails. . .

Beauty bloggers and beauty vloggers have become social media sensations. We spend hours on You Tube and Instagram watching our favorite vloggers doing easy hair and makeup tutorials. But there are some days when shit happens and you can’t do anything about it. Just like us the beauty vloggers have their bad days as well. Watch these hilarious videos which will make you go mad.

  1. Girl trying to cut her own hair
    This video features a beauty blogger from France Lady D who is trying to chop her own fringe with the help of electric clippers. Instead of a cool fringe she ends up with an uneven curtain of hair. Her reaction after chopping her hair and making them look disaster is worth watching.
  2. How to shave your eyebrows!
    The 33 year old beauty sensation Huda Kattan is the face behind oh-so-famous beauty brand called Huda Beauty whose false lashes became a sensation in just two years of launching. She is also famous for her beauty and makeup tutorials on her You Tube channel. Here is a video of her trying to show how to shave the eyebrows with the help of a razor which is totally hilarious and an epic fail!
  3. Hair curling tutorial gone wrong!
    In this video, the girl is trying a hair tutorial for beachy curls with a flat iron. The video goes fine until she puts a layer of her hair in the pre-heated flat iron. The  layer literally burns and comes out with the flat iron leaving a bald spot. Th video is funny but we feel bad for the girl.
  4. Removing blackheads with glue!
    This video is a tutorial for removing blackheads using glue. You can literally sense the wrong when the girl applies some glue on her eyebrows as well. When she peels the glue off, her brow hair comes out too making her scream in shock. The girl also requests the viewers to avoid applying glue over eyebrows. Don’t worry dear, we don’t have the guts to do this.
  5. Girl trying out perfumed body shimmer
    This video shows the struggle of a girl who is trying to apply perfumed body shimmer gas. She is a little confused about the application and just then, boooom….it splashes everywhere spoiling her hair and not to forget her Louis Vuitton’s too!
  6. Makeup tutorial with a guest appearance
    Imagine you are about to complete your makeup tutorial video and just then a little guest appears as a surprise. Watch this hilarious video if you need a laugh today.

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