Politicians Who Made Funny Insensitive Speeches. . .

Politicians are remembered for the speeches they made. They are considered more as a message to their country where they detail out important measures and also wish well for their fellow countrymen. But, often in a bid to do so, they end up speaking something which are funny on the surface but deeply insensitive from within.
It is not that they want to mean what they say. They are nothing but the victim of some poor choice of words; and that is what backfires leading to media criticisms. Let us see some of those insensitive speeches made by the Indian politicians.

  1. “Terrorists have the advantage of surprise”
    Ex-Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Singh made this remark after the infamous Mumbai Terrorist Attack on 26th November, 2008.
  2. “If there is electricity in every village, people will watch TV till late night and then fall asleep. They won’t get a chance to produce children. When there is no electricity, there is nothing else to do but produce babies.”
    Gulam Nabi Azad, Ex- Health Minister of India made this speech when he was asked questions on population control.
  3. “Boys and girls should be married by the time they turn 16, so that they do not stray… this will decrease the incidents of rape.”
    Sube Sing, Panchayat Leader from Haryana, made this speech as he felt that this is the only way rape can be prevented throughout the country.
  4. “To my understanding, consumption of fast food contributes to such incidents (rape). Chowmein leads to hormonal imbalance evoking an urge to indulge in such acts.”
    Jitendar Chhatar, another Khap Panchayat Leader from Haryana made this empirical revelation on rape.
  5. “We will stop 99 per cent of the attacks. But one per cent of attacks might get through and that is what I am saying.”
    Rahul Gandhi, who is projected as a youth icon and the future PM of India made this speech after the Mumbai attack, much to the dismay of the millions of Indians listening to him.
  6. “Opening stanza of most speeches are same.”
    This was the excuse speech made by S M Krishna, Ex-Minister of External Affairs who mistakenly read Portuguese minister’s speech at the UN Security Council Assembly and made a massive blunder.
  7. “Dhal and essentials prices sky rocket, farmers are reeling from debt and committing suicide. Only middle class are there in the country or what? What about the remaining 70%? Statement is adjust, it’s a part of life.”
    P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister under the UPA Government made this revelation after much calculation when he was questioned about the rising food prices.
  8. “Like an old victory, wives lose charm as time goes by.”
    Union Coal Minister under UPA Government Sriprakash Jaiswal said these at a Kavi sammelan in Kanpur after India beat Pakistan in ICC Twenty-20 match in Sri Lanka. His comment received a number of backlashes for being extremely sexist.
  9. “No Samajwadi Party member can be lobbied by Walmart, we don’t have any leader who can speak English.”
    Samajwadi Party MP, Mohan Singh glorified India in this manner when he spoke on the Walmart Row.

Now, it’s up to you whether you should roll with laughter on the floor or vent your frustration on these leaders.


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