10 Forgotten Women Who Once Ruled the World Secretly. . .

When it comes to a ruler and ruling the world, we have the habit of associating a male figure with them. We hardly take the name of a woman when we talk about rulers. But history has records of quite an incredible number of women who once dominated their times.

Let us rewind and look into the life and time of some of the incredible women rulers.

  1. Makeda
    She was renowned as the Queen of Sheba and ruled Ethiopia in the 10th century BC. She was a powerful and benevolent queen who was reputed for expansion and controlled the trade networks. She also bore a child with the great king Solomon.
  2. Marozia
    Marozia was the daughter of one the powerful man in 10th century Rome, Count Theophylact. She inherited her father’s power after his death and put Pope John X in prison when he tried to defy her, where he died under mysterious circumstances. After that, she became the head of the Throne of Saint Peter. When she appointed her son John XI to replace the deceased Pope, her power came to a full circle.
  3. Queen Tomyris
    Queen Tomyris is remembered in history for the valour she showed in the Battle of Massagetae. Massagetae was a territory dominated by women. When the Persian king, Cyrus, decided to invade that place, Queen Tomyris who succeeded her husband took it upon herself to defend her place. Yes, she defeated Cyrus and eventually killed him.
  4. Toregene
    She was the daughter-in-law of Genghis Khan and wife to Ogedei. She succeeded her husband and went on to rule one of the most memorable reigns. Her empire stretched from China to Russia. She received homage from a number of rulers and became one of the greatest rulers of China.
  5. Nefertari
    Nefertari was the first wife of King Ramses II. She is one of the few ancient queens who has been honoured in two of Egypt’s greatest monuments- a beautiful and picturesque tomb at the Valley of the Queens and a beautiful temple at Abu Simbel located in Nubia. She played an important role in Egypt’s political life.
  6. Kosem Sultan
    She is considered one of the most powerful women of Istanbul and queen of Sultan Ahmed I. She ruled as the regent to her brother-in-law Mustafa, her son young Murad IV and young Mehmed IV. She was regarded to be the actual ruler behind all of them and shaped the political history of Istanbul.
  7. Nur Jahan
    Nur Jahan was the wife of Emperor Jahangir and one of the most powerful political figures in the 17th century, India. Jahangir was an ineffective and weak ruler and his wife took up the reigns of the empire. She issued proclamations which bore her name and coins had her name. She was one of those very few women in history who acquired power through her own virtue.
  8. Elizabeth I
    She was the daughter of King Henry VIII. Elizabeth I ruled England with a great valour and charm. She was determined to unify her country politically and religiously. Her era was one of the most prosperous eras in England and she ruled her country with competence.
  9. Anhotep
    Anhotep was the sister cum wife of Pharaoh Seqenenre Tao and reigned during the politically disturbed 1500 BC in Egypt. In 1560, she became the regent for her young son Ahmose I. Besides ruling Egypt, she personally fought off her husband’s enemy cum murderers, the Hyksos and the Egyptian rebels. This victory bestowed her with the Golden Files of Valor, which is a decoration presented to the notable Egyptian generals.
  10. Arsinoe
    She was the daughter of the famous Macedonian general, Ptolemy I. She married General Lysimachus, killer of his son from his first marriage and then instigated the general to murder her own children, fled back to Egypt where she married her brother Ptolemy II after deporting his wife in exile. Later, she became one of the ablest politician and ruler in Egypt. Coins were issued in her name and she was hailed as one of the greatest pharaohs of Egypt.

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