10 Ancient Gadgets Which Astonished The World. . .

If we look back in the history, we would see that there have been numerous discoveries which not only left the people in that era, amazed and surprised but changed the entire course of that time. Some powerful civilizations came out and also gave a clue to the shaping of the modern technology.

Let us take a look at some of the amazing inventions from the ancient world.

  1. Archimedes Screw
    It was invented by the famous Greek physicist, Archimedes of Syracuse, to force out bilge water from wrecked ships. This device which still bears his name is still used in innumerable irrigation ditches and sewage plants.

  2. Aspirin
    Till date, this is regarded as one of the popular remedies for curing minor illness. Greek physician and scientist Hippocrates was the first to realize the healing power of the Acetylsalicylic acid or aspirin. Originally, aspirin was a tea made of willow bark,which acted as a defense against fevers and gout pain. After a couple of centuries, German chemist Felix Hoffman marketed it first under the name of Aspirin.

  3. Steam engine
    Heron Alexandrinus, also called “Hero of Alexandria”, was a Greek mathematician in the first century who discovered the first ever steam engine. The device back then was called aeolipile and was lost with time until Taqu-al-Din discovered the steam engine in 1577.

  4. Battery
    In 1780, Italian physicist Luigi Galvani discovered that a dead frog’s leg twitch when it touched two metal pieces. He created a crude circuit and his friend, Professor Alessandro Volta took up the rest of the task who stacked voltaic cells in a Voltaic pile which was also the first ever battery.

  5. Button
    When the ancient Greeks fastened their tunics with a loop and a crude button, the utility of button was born. But it was not until the discovery of the buttonhole that the button raised in popularity. The 13th century German sculptures showed that their tunics had six buttons running from the neck to the waist.

  6. Compass
    In order to reach their destinations safe, the early miners, mainly the Chinese and the Europeans needed something reliable. They couldn’t only trust the piece of lands, maps etc. They discovered a load stone which was a magnetic mineral aligning with the North Pole. This mineral was later used by the Italian navigators to magnetize the needles which floated in water bowls. This revolutionized people’s desire to travel around the globe.

  7. Earthquake detector
    The modern technique of detecting, recording and measurement of seismic shock waves had a history which dates back to 2000 years. The first seismoscope was discovered by Zhang, who was a Chinese astronomer, mathematician, and scientist. The device could detect earthquakes from far and the data gathered from the detector was surprisingly accurate.

  8. Fax Machine
    This device was discovered in 1843 by Scottish clockmaker Alexander Bain. The earlier fax machine consisted of a pen which was attached to a pendulum. Electromagnetic impulses kept the device in motion. Later it was converted into a modern day fax machine with the help of advanced technology.

  9. Locks
    It was the discovery of the Egyptians around 4000 years ago. They used a lock and a key to put everything safe. The earlier lock was a wooden apparatus which included a key that could lift a pin and had a latch bar which could slide freely. This device was later moulded to form the pin lock which was invented by Linus Yale in 1848.

  10. Mechanical Clock
    Etymologically the word clock derives from the Latin word “clocca” which means bell. Earlier, Chinese monks used to keep a water-power driven device for time keeping in 1092 AD. In 1335, the first public clock appeared on the Viscount of Mian’s palace. The clock with a pendulum came out in the 17th century.


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