Things dads can do better than moms. . .

Every father plays a crucial role in the upbringing of a child. Here are some of the things that would be done better if left in a dad’s hands.

We all know how important and critical both mom’s and dad’s roles are in a child’s life. While it is categorized that mothers are responsible for nurturing, feeding, caring and protecting the child whereas fathers have the role of exposing the child to the real world, gearing them up for that and providing security.

There’s no such thing as an exact bifurcation of roles and it eventually comes down to the parentingonly but there are definitely somethings that dads can do better than moms. Here are few of them:

  1. Make child tough
    While moms would normally pamper the child, it is the father who would make the kid rough by developing outdoor physical skills, develop confidence in them, make them learn how to meet challenges and such. Mothers basically have the tendency of giving in to child’s demands but a father would not, thus in the process making the child tough.
  2. Play outdoor games
    Playing outdoor games and sports is a father-child thing. A father can wrestle, run around and play out at the park for a considerable longer amount of time than a mother. This playtime with fathers would end up playing a great role in child’s development.
  3. Shoulder rides
    Anyone and everyone would remember the shoulder rides they had with their father in their childhood. Shoulder rides or piggyback rides are supposed to be done with fathers only and nothing can ever replace that.
  4. Adventures
    Be it playing a game of cricket or going for a swim, hiking or a day camp; these things done with fathers are more fun than done with mothers. In the process of having fun, the time spent bonding over some fun activities would be priceless and irreplaceable.
  5. Teach toughness
    A small bruise may seem like a big deal to mothers but not to the fathers. A father can take care of wounds and bruises in a much better way and that too without getting the tears, thus teaching the child to be tough in process.
  6. Not worrying about small stuff
    Not worrying about small stuff, looking at a larger picture, moving on, and finding alternatives etc. are some of the stuff that fathers can teach better than mothers. This is because women are naturally wired to be more emotional than men and hence, sometimes they let emotions control them while men would be more practical. A father may be worried to the core for the child, small stuff may be worrying him but he would never let the child know that.
  7. Influencing life lessons
    Some serious talks with father when the going is getting tough are sometimes all you need in life. Fathers would come up with such great advice that nothing would seem better than that. A father would manage to be loving, strict, sincere, and a friend, all at the same time.

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