7 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job. . .

If you are facing any of these, it is a strong indication that it is time to quit your job!

It is very easy to settle down at one place and be content with what you have, what you get and what you are. However, if you are into a corporate job, most of the times it happens that you start convincing yourself about what you are doing. Small issues start getting to you and eventually you start doubting yourself.
A healthy career leads to a healthy and peaceful life. A career or a job isn’t something that you should put up with. Here are few signs that strongly say that it is now time to quit your job:

  1. You hate going to work
    You dread Monday mornings and you equally dread the other mornings. Just the very routine of waking up and getting ready for the job starts getting on your nerves!You somehow keep telling yourself that it is just a phase and it will pass, but maybe it is time, to be honest with yourself.
  2. It gets very boring
    There is nothing new or exciting for you anymore over there. Everyday it is the same old routine and same old work. You keep on looking for some new challenges but eventually, you are back to square one.
  3. You feel your skills are not being used
    You feel you don’t have to put in many efforts to get the job done and you keep feeling that your skills are not used enough. There is not enough “employee engagement” and you keep feeling that you can offer much more than you do currently. Basically, your growth has come to a halt.
  4. You can’t see yourself in the company after sometime
    If you can’t see yourself in the same company after a year from now, maybe it actually is time to move on. Studies say that 12 months is long enough to find a new and better job and thus if you are playing with the idea of a job change, you should do it now. If the idea of job change sounds even a bit exciting, go for it.
  5. You don’t get along with your boss
    You feel like you have got a boss from hell and you both just don’t see eye-to-eye. It is often said, “People quit bosses, not jobs”. You and your boss don’t have same opinions and you are always on the verge of losing your cool.
  6. You feel you are full of negativity
    You have stopped caring about what is ongoing at work and you can’t see anything positive in any work happenings. You doubt everything and eventually, you are losing sleep.
  7. Your health and personal life is suffering
    Your work life is directly affecting your personal life and health. You are constantly stressed, you have constant headaches and sleepless nights and you feel like you are always miserable. These are the major factors that suggest that it is a high time to change your job.

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