High Heel Hacks That Every Girl Should Know. . .

High heels are a necessity and here are a few tips that would make wearing them a loteasier.

High heels are probably a part of every girl’s wardrobe. They make you feel sexy and look sexy but not without some pain! Women are said to feel more confident, stylish, and good about themselves when they wear heels but not much is taken into consideration as how high heels can negatively impact your feet. While sometimes a little pain is definitely worth it, long-term effects are surely not. Here are few high heel hacks that would make wearing high heels a lot easier:

  1. Tape Your Toes
    Science says that a nerve that splits between third and fourth toe would cause pain when pressure is put on it. Thus, when you wear heels, pressure would fall on these toes, which would cause pain. The trick to avoiding it is to tape both your toes together, which would alleviate pain that is caused by wearing heels. The tape would remove strain from the nerves.
  2. Practice wearing heels at home
    Many experts suggest that wearing a new pair of heels but with the socks and later on applying heat to them with a blow dryer. This would loosen up the tight spots of the heels and make them much more comfortable. This hack has proved to be very effective.
  3. Making Your Feet Sweat-Proof
    Foot sweating can cause ankle straps to slide and slip because of all the moisture. To avoid this, you can try misting your feet sometime before you have to wear heels. You can do it with a scented spray deodorant so that your feet would feel fresh the whole day.
  4. Roughen up Soles with Sandpaper
    There is a full probability of skidding across the floor when wearing a new pair of heels. All that is needed to avoid this issue is proper gripping. To get a proper grip, you can use a sandpaper sheet and gently rub it across the bottoms of heels. This will roughen it up. However, be very careful to do it gently or else the heels can get all scraped up.
  5. Use Ice to Stretch Out the Shoes
    New heels often leave us with few pinches here and there. To avoid this, fill small plastic bags with water and keep them in the toe box. After this, put the shoes in the freezer. Let them remain in there overnight. This will let the water freeze, thus letting the bags expand and hence, stretching out the shoes to a comfortable level.
  6. Use of Lip-Balm
    Foot blisters are definitely the worst. They can make walking around in heels impossible, atleast for a few days. You can prevent blisters by using a lip balm. Everyday before putting on the heels, rub a little lip balm on the back of the heels and the blisters can be avoided.
  7. Stop the shoes from squeaking
    Yes, even heels can squeak. To avoid this, you can apply slight baby powder on the heels. Apply this for a few days and squeaking will vanish away.

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