Things People Commonly Believe About Punjabis. . .

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the most misconceptions people have are about how Punjabis are wired. Just the word Punjabis brings to our minds few adjectives like large appetite, loud and full of life. However, there’s more to them and probably some of the beliefs are just beliefs. One of the oldest communities of India, Punjabis are scattered everywhere and are just awesome. Here are few of the things that people commonly believe about Punjabis:

  1. They like to show-off
    Well, they just like to share stuff. Their intention is not to show-off but they do have the money that they use well, so why not share what they have with others! Nothing wrong in that, isn’t it?
  2. They are very loud
    That’s not really true. Some of the Punjabis are loud, not everyone. But that doesn’t mean they are not polite or lack manners!They are just very confident, friendly, and loving, which sometimes gives off the impression of them being loud.
  3. They are very touchy-touchy
    For Punjabis their jhappis and pappis are a way of expressing pleasure of meeting you. They just have so much love to give. However, not everyone would get a warm hug, just the ones they like. Almost makes you remind of the scene from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham where SRK runs into a Punjabi and is greeted with a bone crushing hug.
  4. They need their butter chicken
    Punjabis have huge appetite but the common belief is they need their butter chicken and if they don’t get it, be prepared to face their wrath. But that’s not true. They are just huge foodies. Give them food and they are happy. Butter chicken, parathas and lassi of all kinds just tops the list.
  5. Punjabis don’t need a reason to celebrate
    Be it birthday party, a wedding, post-wedding celebration or pre-wedding celebration, Punjabis love their parties. And they don’t believe in celebrating small. They always celebrate in a lavish manner which means a lot of music, dancing, and booze. Basically,Punjabis just believe in enjoying every moment. Bhangra and booze go hand in hand.However, Punjabis are also known for handling their drinks well. But again, not always!
  6. Every occasion needs a dhol
    Maybe we can blame Bollywood movies for this one. There have been countless scenes where the whole family is waiting for their loved one at airport or railway station with a dhol and then the happy dance follows. Punjabis are full of life and they believe in expressing what they feel but that doesn’t always involve a dhol.
  7. They abuse a lot
    Punjabis are not afraid to speak what they feel and are definitely vocal. But the common belief that they use abusive words very often is not true. Because they just say everything they feel aloud, some abusive words may be used now and then. But then nowadays who doesn’t use them?

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