9 Fun Ways To Start Your Monday For A Great Week Ahead. . .

Mondays are all about anxiety and stress. We all know the term “Monday Blues” which in normal terms mean the set of negative emotions you feel at the beginning of the week. The set of negative emotions are basically because you hate going back to work after a fun weekend. Here are few fun ways to curb that Monday Blues feeling and start your Monday in a great manner:

  1. Have a good breakfast
    1A good meal always brightens up your mood. Plan a good breakfast so that the rest of your day doesn’t seem like a drag. Slowly make this a ritual.
  2. Exercise
    Even if you don’t exercise regularly i.e. on a daily basis, make it a point to exercise on Mondays. It may be something as light as Yoga but that will cool off your mind and make you feel light.
  3. Wake up to some good music
    Some peppy music is all you need to get into that good mood and start your week with a smile. Create a playlist especially for Mondays. Add those songs that always make you shake a leg.
  4. Dress Well
    Good attire and feeling good about you can work wonders. Just that feeling you get when you know you look good can take your mood to altogether another level. Be careful of what colors you wear and be comfortable in the dress you choose.
  5. Plan Something You Look Forward To
    Mondays can become exciting if you have something to look forward to in the upcoming days. Plan an outing with your friends or family on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. It will make you positive and you will have something appealing to look forward to.
  6. Go easy on your schedule
    Do not clutter your schedule. Keep it very light. Plan your to-do list in such a way that you have an easygoing Monday. A busy Monday will only give you a very exhausting feeling at the end of your day and hence make the rest of the week tiresome.
  7. Sleep Well7Make it a point to go to sleep early on Sunday night so that you wake up fresh and happy. Lack of sleep will make you bitter about the rest of the day to come.
  8. Don’t overthink about Monday
    We all have that tendency where from Sunday evening we start dreading Mondays. It is nothing but a state of mind. Avoid that by engaging into socializing with family or friends; or by any other activity you like. Enjoy your weekend while it is still there.
  9. Take A Chill Pill
    Relax for a while after reaching office. Don’t just dive into work. Organize your work in such a manner that you can actually unwind a bit. Just 10 minutes of relaxation on reaching office and planning out things well can help you have a hassle-free Monday.

Since we all agree that Mondays are nothing short of a dreaded day, it is in our hands how we shape it. A powerful saying says- May your coffee be strong and your Monday productive. Remind yourself this every week. Have a Happy and Great Week ahead!


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