7 Facts About Ferrero Rocher That Every Chocolate Lover Should Know. . .

Ferrero Rocher is not just a yummy ball of chocolate with roasted hazelnut and crisp water, there is more to this chocolate than that.

Just the name Ferrero Rocher will bring the round chocolate ball with rich creamy chocolaty filling before your eyes and make your mouth water. For us chocolate lovers, this chocolate has always held a special and irreplaceable place in our hearts. Be it any occasion, for us Indians, Ferrero Rocher makes a great gift. And that feeling when we receive it is just indescribable. Michele Ferrero who is the manufactured Kinder Surprise, Tic Tacs, Ferrero Rocher and Nutella died earlier this year at the age of 89. His success story is widely known but not everyone knows the history of Ferrero Rocher and what went into its production. Here are few facts about Ferrero Rocher that every chocolate lover should know:

  1. This Chocolate is supposed to make you happy
    Any chocolate is supposed to make you happy! Afterall a chocolate contains such chemicals and acids that releases happiness hormones and love hormones. But Ferrero Rocher contains Lechitin that is used widely as a remedy for high cholesterol, depression and anxiety. No wonder, you feel so good after munching Ferrero Rocher.
  2. Huge amount of production
    The amount of consumption of Ferrero Rocher can be known from its huge amount of production. Approximately 4.8 Billion pieces of Ferrero Rocher are produced every year. Now that is something!
  3. Cocoa was replaced by Hazelnut
    Pietro Ferrero who was the brain behind Ferrero Rocher got the idea of adding hazelnuts to the chocolate instead of using cocoa. This was because post World War-II cocoa was very expensive and using that did not fit his budget.
  4. Largest consumer of Hazelnut
    Because hazelnut is such an integral part of Ferrero Rocher, it is the largest consumer of hazelnuts in the world. Out of the total supply of hazelnuts about 25% of them is being consumed by Ferrero Rocher. Also, Ferrero Rocher uses only the best of hazelnuts that come from Langhe area of Piedmont.
  5. It took years to perfect that round shape
    The round shape that we all love did not just happen instantly. Instead it took about 5 years and a whole of experiments to get that shape right. This shape was brought by Pietro Ferrero and it took him 5 years to find the shape that he actually liked.
  6. Michele Ferrero hid his chocolate recipes
    Michele Ferrero who was Pietro Ferrero’s son was afraid that the rivals would learn the secrets of their chocolate making. Hence he wrote its recipe in Arabic and hid it in some vault in Cairo.
  7. Lesser known flavors
    The normal flavor of Ferrero Rocher is so loved that it makes most of the people forget there are other flavors available. Other flavors like Dark Chocolate flavor, almond, coconut, pistachio, hazelnut and forest fruits are also available.

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