Fashion items that are slowly degrading your health. . .

There are few regularly used fashion items that come with very high health risks. Since long, doctors and researchers have warned against the prolonged and continuous use of certain fashion items because they can slowly degrade your health. In this age, where looks matter a lot and we are in a constant pressure to look good, the very things that make us look good are the ones that affect our health. Here are few fashion items that can degrade your health:

  1. Skinny jeans
    Skinny jeans have long been in trend and don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. However attractive they may make you look, they are equally harmful. Skinny jeans can lead to serious damaging of muscles and nerves because of reduced blood supply. Many cases have been reported wherein people have faced pain or serious tingling in thighs after wearing skinny jeans.
  2. Facial piercings
    Those tiny little piercings that make you look funky can lead to a lot of serious health issues such as infections, hepatitis, and allergic reactions. Specifically, facial piercings such as on mouth, tongue, eyebrow are more harmful than the rest and will eventually lead to short circuit of the brain, leading to effects such as rising of ego, causing distress and such.
  3. Accessories
    Most of the casual accessories contain nickel and wearing nickel is highly toxic. Even little amount of nickel in accessories like belt buckles, watch, rings, earrings and such can cause itchy red rashes on the skin.
  4. Heels
    It is a known fact that heels are not at all healthy, especially if worn regularly. Heels would position your body and foot in such an unnatural position that they would cause discomfort and pain. Research says that when heels are worn, your foot would be under 7 times more pressure as against normal pressure. Other reactions caused from heels are pinched nerves, squished toes, corns, and bunions.
  5. Tight ties
    Wearing ties too tight can put you at the risk of blindness. This was found out in a study that after wearing a tight tie there would be an increased pressure on fluids in the eyeball, which can in long-term lead to glaucoma. Glaucoma is the most common cause of blindness.
  6. Handbags: imbalance in posture, neck strain
    Carrying a handbag that is very heavy or is unequally balanced can lead to an imbalance in the posture that can cause straining of neck, nerves, back, and muscles. Over a period of time, this can cause wear and tear of joints and postural imbalances that can result in chronic pain. Remember to wear the bag on both sides and also try wearing it diagonally across the body.
  7. Shapewear
    While shapewear can help smooth out love handles, doctors have strongly warned against using it and it’s said to be life threatening too. Since shapewear are really tight, it can decrease the blood circulation, thus leading to blood clots. When these blood clots travel to lungs, heart, and brain, it can cause serious life-threatening situations. Thus, it is advisable not to wear shapewear regularly.

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