8 Things only a Coffee Lover Will Understand. . .

Not even the best people can make you feel as good as coffee can.

Just the smell of coffee makes you feel relieved and like you have reached cloud nine. For you, a coffee twice or thrice a day is what makes you work. You would not even know what it is like not to have coffee, it is a blessing and lifestyle for you. However, if you are not a coffee lover or a coffee drinker for that matter, you wouldn’t understand what any of these. Here are few things that only a coffee lover would understand:

  1. You have to have your coffee in a certain manner
    You need to have your coffee in a certain manner. A slight difference in that would sort of ruin the coffee experience for you and also the day.
  2. It makes you feel a whole new person
    Just a sip of that coffee works like magic and you feel re-energized. You start to feel like a whole new person who is ready to take on the world.
  3. You have a “Coffee” mug
    You have a specific mug from which you would have your first coffee of the day. Even if it has been used for years and is almost worn out, you cant even think about throwing it out. The feeling of drinking coffee from that specific mug is just like homecoming.
  4. The smell of coffee brewing gives you a high
    That smell of coffee brewing takes you to an all new level that makes you forgot all the worries and tensions of life. That smell is like the best smell ever and you feel as if you can spend your entire life with that smell.
  5. Grocery shopping means spending a majority time at the coffee aisle
    You know all the coffee brands there are and you most probably are loyal to one of them, yet you spend majority time of grocery shopping at the coffee aisle browsing through all the coffee packets and eventually picking up the one you always pick.
  6. Coffee doesn’t affect you like it affects others
    Basically you are immune to the normal effects of coffee like not getting sleep if you have coffee at late night.
  7. You can’t understand people who dislike coffee
    You can’t understand people who can’t drink coffee at all. You feel as if they belong to a whole new world and can’t believe such people exist at all.
  8. Sharing your coffee is the hardest thing to do
    Nobody can ever ask you to share your coffee. You would rather give your kidney than share your coffee.

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