Things Indian Women Are Tired Of Hearing Now. . .

We Indian women are probably used to listen to a lot of over-concerned relatives and neighbors saying a lot of things that many would find interfering and patronizing. And this is never-ending. The advice they have to provide is most of the times unwanted and definitely more than half of the times forgotten the very next moment! There are times when we wish these advices and comments would stop, the scrutiny would stop, and people would just stop judging. Here are few of the things that Indian women are tired of hearing:

  1. You should know how to cook
    As soon as the girl reaches marriageable age, she gets to hear this from literally everyone. Even if she is studying or she is doing a job, it doesn’t matter. She should know the basics of cooking. It is a must. There would always be someone at a social gathering who would come upto you and ask if you know how to cook.
  2. Are you going to wear that?
    A girl should be dressed properly and more importantly decently before stepping out. Even if you are comfortable with what you are wearing, there would always be some people who would comment on your short outfit.
  3. Come home on time
    A woman should come home on time. Most of the girls are given a deadline before which she should be home. Staying out late is considered to be an offense and is not meant to be broken. If someone sees you staying out late, a lot is surely going to be said.
  4. Drive carefully
    Men have this mindset that women can’t drive as well as they do. Many jokes have been shared on women’s driving and even if women have reached for the stars and grabbed them, their driving sense remains questionable.
  5. Do not hangout with male friends
    Because if people will see you hanging out with male friends, they will make a lot of assumptions and definitely much will be said. Also, that can affect your marriage prospects. It is a character assassination of sorts and is the one, which in this modern age should not make any difference.
  6. People around you are getting married
    Your friends, your cousins, your colleagues are getting married. So shouldn’t you be getting married now before all the good guys are taken? Being 25 and not being engaged get tongues wagging and starts building mental pressure on the girl.
  7. You are next
    “You are next” is probably the most resented sentence by any Indian woman. Whether it is in the context of exam, marriage or having kids, this always comes up. This sentence surely will make anyone go “Shut up and die”.
  8. Always speak politely
    A woman is expected to be polite and at all the times and should always wear a smile. If she yells or gets angry, she is judged to be manner less. However, the same rule doesn’t apply to men.

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