10 delicious global snacks you should try. . .

One of the reasons for travelling to new places is that we not only learn about new cultures and meet new people, but we also get acquainted with their native cuisines. This is something every food lover would love to learn. Now by cuisines, we don’t mean dishes from the fancy five-star restaurants. There are enough food which you can pick up from the street vendors and roadside food stalls which is equally delicious and can give the restaurants a tough competition.

Let’s go on a food tour around the globe and pick up some of them.

  1. Jerk Chicken, Jamaica
    Nothing beats the smoke flavoured Jerk chicken from the streets of Jamaica. The chicken, preferably leg piece, is marinated overnight with spring onions, thyme, allspice and chilli flakes. The meat absorbs the flavours and on the next day is grilled and served.
  2. BeaverTails, Canada
    Don’t get shocked by the name. It’s a fried dough pastry which is shaped into a beaver’s tail and is stuffed with sweet stuff like chocolate, coconut, and topped with local Canadian chocolate buttons or Smarties.
  3. Tamiya, Egypt
    This is strictly an Egyptian delicacy and they love to keep the recipe a closely and strictly guarded one. But this one is so popular and tasty that it has become a global food. Tamiya is made of fava beans and when you roam the streets of Egypt, you can have Tamiya with a fuul or bean paste. It is said you will forget everything when you have this.
  4. Chilli Crab, Singapore
    Visit any hawker centre in Singapore, you are sure to come across this dish. They will serve you crabs, sometimes in whole, which will be stir fried in a tangy and sweet sauce of egg, tomato, and last but not the least, chilli.
  5. Arepas, Colombia
    Wherever you go in Colombia, you will definitely see street vendors selling corn cakes. On the first look, it may seem to be tortillas, but Arepas are one inch thicker than tortillas. They are either baked or grilled before being topped with cheese.
  6. Red Red, Ghana
    African food is popular around the globe for their aroma and intense flavour. One such African country is Ghana which is famous for Red Red and it is considered the national dish of Ghana. It is a combination of beans and meat cooked into smoky zest. The food is made more intense for the tomatoes and the oil.
  7. Bunny Chow, Durban
    This dish comprises of a loaf of bread which is hollowed out. The hollow space is filled up with rich and intense curries, including chicken and mutton. At one glance, it will remind you of our Indian Pav Bhaji.
  8. Pierogi, Poland
    Krakow of Poland sells the best Pierogi. They are handmade dumplings or momo by popular connotations. They are prepared by kneading flour, water, egg and salt which are then shaped into parcels and are filled with meat, cheese, or other veggies. First, they are boiled and then they are fried in butter.
  9. Klobasa, Czech Republic
    Czech is the numero uno when it comes to street food and Klobasa definitely tops the chart. This involves a German style sausage which is served along with mustard and two slices of Czech style bread.
  10. Banh Mi, Vietnam
    Banh Mi was introduced by the French rule in Vietnam and is one of the best delicacies you will have. It is a mixture of rice and wheat flour which is then beaten to form a thin and crispy baguette and is filled up with coriander, carrot, meats and daikon.

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