Things That Only Grandparents can Teach. . .

Grandparents occupy a special place in our lives. It is rightly said that “A house needs a grandma in it” and most of us Indians are lucky enough to get that privilege. However, that is quickly changing and most of the urban families are nuclear. Eventually, the intimacy that is shared only between grandparents and grandchildren is lost somewhere. The love and companionship offered by grandparents are irreplaceable amongst many other. Here are few things that one can learn only from grandparents:

  1. Respect
    We always teach our kids to respect the elders. But this starts from home and automatically the children start respecting the elders. Their repo with parents and grandparents would be totally different and cannot be compared. Children will learn to listen rather than just hear and be respectful.
  2. Discipline
    While parents would make full efforts to teach discipline to their child, what grandparents may teach and impart would be totally on a different level. Discipline determines what a child will grow up to be and grandparents normally do the job of disciplining the children without much effort.
  3. Wisdom
    Grandparents have much more experience in life as over a period of time they have collected a plenty of wisdom that they can pass on to the younger generation. They have lot of life lessons and eventually, the children will be hearing how they dealt with various problems in their life. That itself will teach them a lot.
  4. Family History
    It would have happened to each one of us that we bump into various people at family gatherings and have no idea who they are. Grandparents are the ones who would give you knowledge about plenty of family members who you would be unaware of.
  5. Games
    Just like everything else, games too evolve with time. Nowadays, the kids play with their laptops, tabs, and video games. However, with grandparents they would learn to play many other games other than this, and these games would be those that the children would otherwise never know. This would be both fun and a learning lesson.
  6. Tradition
    As we get modern, a lot of traditional values and traditions are forgotten along the way. We may not implement them now, but the kids would learn loads about traditions that have been carried on from generation-to-generation. It is these traditions that would build family bonds and hence, are of utmost importance.
  7. Socializing
    In this time of Facebook and Whatsapp, we have forgotten that nothing would ever replace the time spent together in person. It is grandparents who teach us how to make the most of the time that you have and that happiness is found in the little things. Socializing with people who matter the most and leaving your cell phone aside, would make a huge difference in life.

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