10 Photos Every Bride Should Get At Her Wedding. . .

Your wedding album forms a very crucial part of your wedding and is something that will be cherished for the rest of your life. You will be reliving those moments again whenever you will have a glimpse of those photos. Here is a list of few must have photos that you should click at your wedding which will be forming one of the most treasured memories:

  1. THE BRIDAL OUTFIT 12 Nothing can be more important for a bride than her wedding lehenga. It might never be worn again but a lone photo of your bridal outfit is a must. You will definitely be having hundreds of photos in your outfit, but having one before you put the dress on will be altogether a special photograph.
  2. YOUR BRIDAL JEWELLERY 2 Your jewelry forms your look; you may never wear this jewelry like payal, tikka or bangles ever again. Each of this has own charm and beauty. A photo that seems candid of this jewelry before you adorn them will make an important part of your wedding album.
  3. YOUR BRIDAL MAKEUP 3 The entire process of your make-up should be captured. It is once in your lifetime experience and will capture your transition into a bride. The moment when you will have your eye makeup done, when you will put on your lipstick or get your hair done are those moments, which you will enjoy looking at later on.
  4. LOOK INTO MIRROR POSE 4 The moment where a bride examines herself when captured correctly will form a great candid photo. Whether it is a close-up or a fully taken photo, this photo will speak volumes if taken at a right time and right place.
  5. THE DUPATTA PHOTO TAKEN FROM BEHIND 5 This one will be taken after you are almost ready. This is the moment when you will put on your dupatta and it will be the final step of the getting-ready process. A gone-in-the-blink moment, it will make an amazing photo.
  6. THE MEHNDI 6 For an Indian bride, mehndi is more than just a ritual. It forms an important part of making you a bride. Coupled with the rings on your fingers, your bridal bangles, the mehndi on your hands looks more than beautiful. Starting the moment you start having your mehndi put on to the time it is finished, get everything photographed.
  7. THE HALDI MOMENT 7 Haldi is an important ritual and the part where everyone applies more haldi on you than required, has to be captured! Get a before and after photo too. It would be one of the treasured photos of the ceremony.
  8. BRIDAL FOOTWEAR 8 The mehndi on your feet should also be photographed. And not to forget your footwear too! Get a photograph of your footwear before you have worn them. It may sound odd, but when captured together with your mehndi adorned feet and your lehnga, this photograph will surely be memorable.
  9. THE ONE WITH YOUR FRIENDS 9 Get a crazy photo with your friends. They are equally excited as you are. Pout with them, dance with them, take selfies with them- and capture every single of these moments. They are to be cherished forever.
  10. THE ONE WITH YOUR PARENTS 10 Candid photos of those emotional moments with your parents are a must. They will bring tears to your eyes every time you see them but those moments are priceless!

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