Places that may no longer exist because of Global warming. . .

Changes in the climate pose a big threat to the earth as a whole. However, you will find specific geographical areas, which is likely to be exposed to the dangers related to global warming.

Overview on SIDS

SIDS is the acronym for Small Island Developing States, which are those countries that according to nature would become the first ones to suffer negative consequences related to changes in the climate and remain in the dangers of disappearing in coming years.

  1. Kiribati
    The Kiribati Republic spreads at more than 3 millions of square kilometers in the northeastern region of Australia. The main threat to this area is the consistent rise in sea level. With the height of only 3m, the level of water increases approximately at the rate of 1.2cm in one year or four times faster rate as compared to the calculated average on a global basis. This compels Kiribati as one of the most likely countries to disappear in upcoming years.
  2. The Maldives
    The Maldives or The Republic of Maldives occupies a big area of approximately 298 square kilometers in the southern region of India. It acts as a combination of British, Dutch and Portuguese. The Current rise in the level of the sea is the prime threat to the country. This is because Maldives is the lowest among the world with a height of 2.3 m height (maximum), while lowest altitude with 1.5m approximately across the world.
  3. Vanuatu
    According to the reports highlighted by the United Nations, the Republic of Vanuatu is one of the most vulnerable countries across the world, which is likely to be destroyed because of the natural disasters.
    Excluding its prime threat related to the rise in the existing sea level, Vanuatu witnessed extremely high rate related to cyclone formation. Particularly, during March, Cyclone named Pam deteriorated about 90 percent of the total buildings belonging to the capital.
  4. Tuvalu
    The Current situation of the place Tuvalu perfectly highlights the injustice of the climatic changes. This is because even though Tuvalu is the least polluted area or country, it is now at the biggest danger because of global warming. Scientists have said that the Tuvalu has a low average height above the level of the sea, because of which a lack of adequate boundaries forces it to be the victim of global warming.
  5. Solomon Islands
    Solomon Islands comprise of many little islands and spread across an area of 30,000 square kilometers. The Geographic experts and scientists have already made warnings for the survival of these islands’ group five years earlier. The reason for this is that global warming may plunge the entire country slowly and slowly below the ocean in the coming decades.
  6. Samoa
    The Samoa Independent State has an area of about 3,000 square kilometers. The biggest challenge associated with this place is the disappearance of various coral reefs, which are caused due to global warming of the nearby ocean. These natural barriers act as protection walls in opposition to violent waves and they do not find any opposition. Because of this, natural barriers consistently erode and invade various seacoasts.
  7. Nauru
    The Nauru Republic territory comprises of only 20 square kilometers. The main threat of this place is its current level of the sea because of its height below the average height of poles. Now, in case melting of ice continues at the poles, Nauru’s survival in the area would come in big danger.

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