Ten Insane Words That Really Exist!. . .

Do you know that “aa” is actually a word? Find out more such words, which really exist!

It’s so much fun when you know loads of words. There’s nothing better than an unusual word to save you from awkward, bizarre, complicated or even dull moments! Loads of new words are added each year in the dictionary, yet few are worth catching a glimpse. These insane words will let you brag about your knowledge anytime (especially when you want to say “I don’t know, but I’m using it as it sounds serious and hard”, lol!):

  1. Hullabaloo:
    “Why does this music sound like a hullabaloo?”

    Yup, this word actually resembles its meaning. Just like a perfect chaos. Actually, hullabaloo seems to be present on earth since the 18th century! This word is perfect to describe a commotion or a confusing and noisy situation.
  2. Bumfuzzle:
    “Maths is the easiest way to bumfuzzle a kid”.

    This may sound similar to ‘dumbfounded’ and bumfuzzle is one of its siblings. So, remember whenever you’re confused on what the correct answer is, say ‘bumfuzzle!’
  3. Snackadium:
    “I’m totally gonna win this Superbowl’s snackadium challenge”.

    It’s something related to snacks and stadium. A recent addition to the dictionary, snackadium is the model (made out of snacks only) of the football stadium that host Superbowl.
  4. Gobbledygook:
    “His gobbledygook reports were not liked at all in the meeting”.

    Just say ‘gob-ble-dy-gook’ similar to ‘noble-dy-cook’. When you gobbledygook, it simply means you’re using too many jargons which people can’t understand.
  5. Lackadaisical:
    “Don’t turn into a lackadaisical person. Get a job!”

    You know that feeling when you’re utterly bored doing anything and you become carelessly lazy? That’s when you turn into lackadaisical. You can prefer to use this word to describe someone who is totally lethargic and has no interest in anything.
  6. Collywobbles:
    “Collywobbles gives me mood swings in the morning.”

    If you’re having intestinal cramps or stomachache, it’s collywobbles. The word originated in the 19th century and imagined to be originated from ‘coli’ and ‘wobble’.
  7. Finifugal:
    “Writers are finifugal about the climax”.

    You too can be labeled as finifugal if you’re afraid of finishing something; be it finishing a book, ending the relationship, or even a movie.
  8. Lollygag:
    “Stop being a lollygag or else we’ll miss the flight!”

    Though lollygag sounds something nearby to ‘gag and lazy’, but it actually means wasting your time in trifling or just fool around. You didn’t want to be called a lollygag back in the 20th century, as it was slang used for someone who is sexually fooling around.
  9. Doozy:
    “This report is a doozy narration!”

    Is it a typo? Or is it really doozy and not ‘dizzy’ or ‘booze’? Doozy has made its way into the dictionary since the 20th century and was actually slang used for something excellent. But it even means impressive and unique. So be cautious when using this one.
  10. La-di-da:
    “You sounded like a la-di-da Fashionista in the party.”

    Is this really a word? Yes, it is and a very useful one as well. The word defines someone well who is pretentious or snobbish in taste, speech, or manners.


Quean: With the difference of only a letter, this word is likewise used to address a woman or girl who is impudent or a badass.


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