Reasons To Date an Antisocial Girl. . .

A guy normally would have quite a few points on his list of what type of girl he wants. Most of them would say a very attractive yet simple girl, someone who is ambitious and independent. Most of these guys show very little interest in girls who love partying and thus are antisocial.

Being antisocial doesn’t mean she hates public places and wants to keep to herself. There are many layers to an anti-social girl which only makes her very interesting. Here are few reasons why a guy should date an anti-social girl:

  1. She is reserved but it doesn’t mean she is under-confident
    She is shy and reserved and people normally perceive it to be a sign of under-confidence. However, that is rarely true and just because she doesn’t show it, it doesn’t mean that she is under-confident. On the contrary, she may just be more confident than those who are extrovert and would be having a clear idea as to what she is and where she stands. Thus, she would rarely be clingy like most girlfriends.
  2. She needs her space
    She is just built that way, she needs to have her space occasionally. She just can’t be surrounded by people all the time and that would eventually be suffocating for her. Be it reading a book or listening to her favorite music or having a quiet dinner, it would be recharging for her. Thus, this way you will be having your space and she would be having hers.
  3. She hates being the center of attention
    She simply dislikes being the center of attention. Instead, she would make you the center of attention while she would remain by your side. Being the center of attention where people would just keep walking up to her would freak her out. But that doesn’t mean she hates outing. She loves them and she enjoys them but not those where she is the center of attraction.
  4. She would enjoy trying out new things
    She might hate social gatherings and such but she would always be willing to try out something new and learn something new. She may once in a while surprise you by being outgoing and adventurous. Once you get to know her she would be fun to be with and you would enjoy her company.
  5. She would be mysterious
    Each day spent with her would be a different one. She would not just rant out the details of her personal life but would take her own time to share it with you. You may have to put in some efforts in your relationship but that would be totally worth it.
  6. She would be independent
    Though her independence and her being anti-social are not inter-related, she would not be dependent at all. She would want to try everything by herself and would hate relying on others. For her, her independence and image would be very important. Thus, you would be dating a “real woman”-the one who knows what she wants and how she wants.

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