6 Things To Do in First 30 Days of Your New Job. . .

Starting a new job can be difficult as well as a life-changing experience. Here are few things to do in first 30 days of your new job.

You can never figure out how first few days of a new job would be. The days would be definitely filled with anxiety and uncertainty. With all the new faces, new environment and new work, it would be difficult as well as very important to make your own place in a right manner. Here are few things that one should definitely do in the first month of a new job which would ascertain a great start:

  1. Ask as many questions as you want to
    Asking questions is very important to understand what is going on, what is expected of you and it also helps to settle in quickly. Asking questions shows that you are curious and enthusiastic as to your new role. Plus it shows your colleagues and superior your willingness to learn and your power of acceptance towards your new role. However, maintain a balance between fewer questions and too many questions. Asking too many questions can eventually show that you can’t keep up with what is going on.
  2. Be clear about your role
    It is very crucial to understand what your exact role will be. Be clear what your superior expects you to do and deliver. Get a clear picture of the workings around you and what you are dealing with. It is very easy to lose the path, so avoid that.
  3. Get to know the colleagues
    It is more than essential to know those with whom you are going to deal with. Spend some quality time getting to know them and get clarity on what their role is, how they expect you to work, how you will interact with them and such.
  4. Accept the company culture
    Adjusting to the company culture may seem difficult to some and also can be time consuming. Study the culture well and understand how people operate, how things operate and how the processes work. Every company culture is different and hence do not compare that to your previous company culture. Accept the company culture with open mind.
  5. Set realistic goals
    In the enthusiasm to get everything done, do not take up more work than needed. Set realistic goals- the ones which are achievable on time. Also, do not take up less work. Keep them moderate. You do not want to come across as under-capable or over-enthusiastic. Setting proper goals for yourself will show your peers that you have a good sense of planning and are calculative.
  6. Show courtesy
    Show proper courtesy like “Sorry” and “Thank You” whenever needed. Smile more. Be friendly. All this works very well and help you bond with the colleagues. People will quickly forget that you are new to the job, what they will remember is how you interact with them. Hence, be appreciative and friendly at all times.

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