Beat The Summer With Visit To These Destinations For Delhiites. . .

We all know how bad summers can be in the north. Justtotally opposite to Games Of Thrones North! But yes, jokes apart with the temperature soaring up to 45 degrees, we really need to figure out places, which would be better to visit to get some relief from the angry sun.And for those who consider summers just another reason to go out and beat the heat, here are some places, which might help you beat the Delhi heat:

  1. Kalsi, Uttrakhand:
    Not a lot of people have heard about this place, but this place surely deserves a visit, as it is better than the Delhi heat. This amazing town finds its place near the crystal clear water of the Yamuna, which is hard to find these days. Still, the place has got a lot of adventures such a river rafting, leisure drives, and amazing picnic spots. And the place is also not too far from Delhi.
  2. Almora, Uttrakhand:
    Can you imagine this town is almost 500 years old? And it has got all the pre-requisites, which are required for a perfect weekend. The town offers its beautiful paved roads and amazing mountain views. For those who love dating with nature, this is the perfect place to beat the heat of Delhi and enjoy some beautiful moments with nature.
  3. Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh:
    Best known for the beautiful location of the stadium, Dharamsala has got a lot more than just a stadium likesnow-laden peaks and a lot of natural beauty. The place serves as a birthplace of 14th Dalai Lama. With the lively McLeodganj in the upper Dharamsala and traditional Indian hill station and beauty in the lower Dharamsala, this place is a must visit.
  4. Ranikhet, Uttrakhand:
    Uttrakhand is a place full of stories and beautiful places with soothing climate. One such place in Uttrakhand is Ranikhet, the place was named after Rani Padmini. She was so impressed by the place that the Raja built a palace for her and named the place as Ranikhet.
    The place is surely a good hide for Urbanites as it is away from the heat and daily hustle bustle of their life and is full of greenery and mountains with very clean oxygen.
  5. Morni Hills, Haryana:
    A six-hour drive on the highway is worth for this place, which is full of flora and fauna. The hills have a calmness of their own. The trek lovers can trek down to Tikkar Tal or can visit the old forts in here. Also, the place has a wide range of birds being migrated here, so this is one of the best places for bird lovers to experience. Once you are going back to Delhi, you can also experience the pre-Harappan and Harappan sites.
  6. Auli, Uttrakhand:
    Auli is one the very famous resorts in the Himalayan Range since the 8th Century AD. The place is full of the plantation of apple, orchards, oaks and deodars. For those who love skiing, this is the best destination. The place is located at 2800 meters above the sea level and is a home to many of the mountain ranges such as Nanda Devi etc. With all religious destinations scattered around it, the place is the best for a calm weekend.
  7. Palampur, Himachal Pradesh:
    The place belongs to KangraValley that is ideal for tea Plantation. Now, famous as Kangra Valley Tea, the hills here are covered with the forest of Oak, Pine, and Deodar. Other than enjoying the beauty of this place you can drive to the nearby artist’s colony named Andretta, then to Tashijong Monastery and Taragarh which is a 15-acre wooded estate in Kangra Valley surrounded all by tea gardens and lastly, for sightseeing, you can surely visit the famous forts ofKangra and Sujanpur Tiara.

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