Things Indians Do before Studying. . .

Indian parents set real high bar for Indian kids. Like, each one of them must score at least in 90’s else there is peer pressure of other parents. But Indian parents don’t get that Indian kids do epic shit and weird shit before they study.

  1. Go to poop
    For some reason every time Indian think of studying, their belly starts being upset and they love to spend time in the loo. They wonder about random stuff that happened in the school, in the cricket ground, what mom may cook for dinner today, or they may recollect a joke that was made on their teacher. So, studying is somehow a bell from the loo saying, “ You are wanted here.”
  2. Plan
    Indian kids are the best planners on the earth, they can plan a nuclear attack better than the Americans. Indian kids look at the syllabus and think, how can they finish the entire syllabus in a single day. They divide it into hours and minutes. Indians do not have a habit of regular studies, they generally study one day before the exam.
  3. Sleep
    Somehow, sleep becomes the new best friend the moment we open the books. It is like the book sings some kind of a lullaby to us and puts us to sleep. On normal days, while not studying we would check our phones, but while studying, if we fall asleep we get up only the next day.
  4. Eat
    Books make Indians hungry. The moment we see books there are different food items that start flying in our brains. Indian parents also lure their kids saying, “Beta jaldi khatam karle, chips khilaaungi”. Kids love too much on whatever they get their hands on while studying. Sometimes, it makes us believe that we Indians just pretend to study but do not really do so.
  5. Check phone
    We may either call a friend to find out what was the homework today and end up chatting with them for hours. Or maybe just waste hours altogether on youtube. Girls generally start talking about the guys who check them out and boys discuss who will be who’s bhabhi.
  6. Empty Zone:
    You may also call it the stoned state without doing drugs. Indian Kids just open their books and go into a zone that we can never imagine! When the teacher talks, they nod their head like they understood everything, but they are switched off mentally and do not have a clue of what the teacher is even talking in the class.
  7. Repeat
    Indian kids do these things on a repeat mode till the time they hit five hours before the exam. The efficiency of an Indian kid five hours before the exam is like a Ferrari on the racing track. High efficiency, they are able to concentrate and they forget food, sleep, poop, everything and get to study and write their exams.

If you have followed this routine as an Indian kid while studying, do let us know.

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