Things You Must Do With Your Best Friend Before She Gets Married. . .

Things you must do with your best friend before she gets married
There is always a best friend whose wedding we all have been waiting for. But there is a to-do list that is a mandate before your friend gets married.

  1. Re-visit the old days
    It is always fun to sit and talk about the times you spent with your friend. The affairs you had, the school and college lanes that you spent time in, the hostel you both shared, the night outs, the favorite food joint and of course the endless gossip. Before the best friend meets her soul mate, you make sure that she knows no matter what, you are always there standing like a rock.
  2. Go on a shopping spree
    From designer wear to shopping from the streets, go out on a shopping spree like there is no tomorrow. For girls, retail therapy is the best cure for any ailment. Buying the wedding lehanga, with your BFF is a must. Because who better than her will give you the best review on how you look?
  3. Take a trip together
    This will be the most memorable trip for you both. This trip will give you time to find yourselves and the things that you want to do in life. You can also do random things; play drinking games on the trip.
  4. Make the wedding plans
    From the bachelorette party to the vidai. You can make any plans with your BFF. Decide on the themes,the list of friend you want to call, the flash mob that you want for your wedding or maybe the sangeet dance that you want to perform on. Go crazy and do it. Because it is only once in a lifetime that, your best friend will get married. Make sure you see through all the plans and take control of everything. Make her wedding perfect!
  5. Pamper Yourselves
    Go for the therapy sessions. From the spa to body massage, the manicure and pedicure sessions, the nail and the facial. Make sure your BFF is pampered well before she is married.
  6. Explore Tinder
    She will be standing and sailing the same boat for the rest of her life. So, before she is hitched you both need to explore tinder together so that you have a lot of stories to talk about once you look back when you are old. For example, get tinder walk into a random bar and you can be her wing women and she can be yours.
  7. Get inked
    A mark that will stay on both of you, for the rest of your lives. Get inked together and it will remind you of your BFF whenever you look at it.
  8. Do something out of your comfort zone
    Your friend will never be judgemental about you if you screw up. So do something along with her that makes you and her uncomfortable and there is a chance that you overcome the fear that you have in your mind.

Well, having said all that BFF’s are literally like sisters from another mother.They are someone who knows you for what you are and before the big day hits, your friend makes the most ofyour lives so that whenever you look back you don’t say, “ We wish we did this together.”


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