7 Reasons To Follow Uday Chopra On Twitter. . .

He might be unwatchable on-screen but he is surely worth following on Twitter. Entertainment guaranteed.

Uday Chopra has a very interesting bio on Twitter and that will make you wonder what he is trying to say. “Pretender. Believer of unbelief. Religion starter. Zombie lover. Food eater. Women whisperer. Liar of that last part.” Other than this his location states “Hell, 7th Fire, Oven 666”. Again, you are left wondering what he is trying to state by that. However once you get past that, he has till date tweeted quite a few interesting tweets, few that will actually make you think deeply and few that will simply entertain you. That itself will give you reasons as to why to follow Uday Chopra on Twitter:

  1. His declaration for Zombie love twitter.com His bio does state that he is a Zombie lover. However he took that to a new level with this tweet that stated “I wish zombies existed. I can still understand an undead being only interested in eating people. I cannot understand this mindless killing!”
  2. Being a dreaming realist twitter.com Maybe this would be understood after reading it twice or thrice “I am a dreaming realist. I dream of reality, don’t particularly like to live in it.”
  3. He does makes sense over here twitter.com This was deep “If someone takes all your choices away at once you will revolt, but if they take it bit by bit, you won’t even notice till it’s too late.”
  4. When he conducts polls twitter.com Sometimes he conducts polls so that he can interact with his followers. Another poll he conducted recently was “How many of you believe in the existence of God or a Creator? I predict most of you do.” This poll received 2340 votes and out of that 75% of them believed in God while 12% didn’t and 13% were unsure. Yet another religion based poll was “Is religion still relevant in today’s day and age?” This one received 1572 votes and 59% said yes while 41% said no.
  5. His reply to a question based on his poll twitter.com Based on his poll as to whether Religion is still relevant in today’s day and age, he was asked by his follower what his personal views are on the topic. He replied “I believe in the dynamic quality of human belief.Must change and adapt to our times. Religion is a belief that has lost its relevance for me”
  6. When he uses social media as a Metaphor twitter.com “Twitter is a jungle. If you can’t handle the wild animals go to the city (Facebook). If you don’t like the city, go to the resort(Instagram)”He adds to the comments “And I you don’t like any of these, then go to the asylum (Snapchat)”
  7. Wondering what the sign of mental issue is twitter.com This one surely makes you ponder “Do you think that putting a pillow on top of my head and pretending to be an ice covered mountain is necessarily a sign of a mental issue?”
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