Top YouTube Channels For DIY Projects. . .

DIY projects though seem easy at first glance, but you know it’s all about patience, skills, and of course, a guide! We’ve gathered few Indian DIY YouTube channels that will spur you to get into the ‘DIY-mood’.

  1. Mad Stuff With Rob:
    From creating fake poop for April Fool’s Day to making a DIY masquerade eye mask, you can make anything crafty with Rob (our very own Indian YouTuber famous for DIY). Yes, it’s all about making “mad stuff” with Rob! His videos are easy to follow, fresh and worthy to try. The videos are available in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.
  2. Slick and Natty:
    Ishpreet is a young Indian woman who can help (and inspire) you to do everything new with your old stuff. With Ishpreet, trying DIY projects for Indian vibe is easy. From reusing your old dupattas to getting your hairs colored at home, it’s all about jazzing your style and home!
  3. The DIY Girls:
    Are you totally into DIY ‘girly’ videos? Then DIY videos by Ramie and Shalini, the “two crazy and funky Indian girls” should be on your watch list. And yes, they have pretty much covered everything from crafts, nail arts to makeup and clothing.
  4. Indian Lifehacker:
    All the men and ladies out there who adore science DIY projects, this one is for you! Indian LifeHacker will leave you awestruck with science tricks that you thought were deja-vu in science class! Remote control car, Google Cardboard, paper gun, electric shock gloves, you can find all sorts of electrical DIYs here.
  5. JSuper Kaur:
    You’ve got loads of beauty channels to follow, but do you know that you can make most of the beauty, skin and hair care products at home? (That too using Indian products at the affordable prices!) With JSuper Kaur, you can!

  6. Nykaa:
    If you’re one of those girls who’s always messed up with makeup, then you’ll definitely like this. Nykaa has a pretty awesome collection of DIY makeup and hairstyle videos.
  7. Little Crafties:
    Launched just last year (2016), Little Crafties is like a little gem for Indian viewers who are all set to try DIY projects for home decor ideas. Also, you can find videos on DIY jewelry and gifts that are super-cute to try!
  8. Mayank Bhattacharya:
    Okay, this may not be totally DIY, but styling yourself is somewhat DIY, right? Finding cool masculine vlogs on YouTube is tough, especially for Indian men. But we’re sure Mayank Bhattacharya’s vlogs will be at your rescue anytime!

We hope you’ll love them too!


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