Things people think totally wrong about Gujaratis!. . .

You can hate them or love them, but you can’t ignore them! Just walk to any corner of the world, and we bet you’ll find at least one Gujarati! It does not matter whether you know or don’t know any Gujarati, but these are the things that you think totally wrong about Gujaratis:

  1. They’re foodies, but not “sweet”
    Gujaratis do add sugar or jaggery in small proportions in their meals to balance the spices. If you think all Gujarati dishes are sweet, you may have missed dishes like “Dabeli”, “Undhiyu”, “Thepla”, “Jamnagari Kachori”, “Lassanya Bateka”, etc.
    PS: Try “Mohanthal”, “Doodh Paak”, “Sheero”, “Shrikhand”, and more for “sweet” taste.
  2. Vegetarian delicacy:
    Though the majority of Gujarati people are vegan (and we mean strictly vegan here), many of them enjoy non-vegetarian food too. Gujarat has one of the longest seacoasts in India, and hence, you can find a variety of non-vegetarian dishes in places like Surat, Bhuj, Ahmedabad, Daman, Diu, Rajkot, and more.
    BTW, according to a recent report published by TOI, more than 30% Gujaratis are non-vegetarians.
  3. The Garba mania:
    It’s a part of their cultural celebrations, but it also means they don’t do “Dandiya party” unless it’s a “big” occasion. There are loads of people (Gujarati) who are almost blank about the steps in Dandiya. Do you know that “Dandiya” and “Garba” are actually different?Warning: Don’t expect Gujaratis to do Dandiya other than Navratri days (lol!).
  4. The Entrepreneur State:
    Okay, we agree that their brains run faster in finance, trading, and business management. And not all of them want to settle in the USA or do business!
    We assume that many non-Gujaratis might not know that people like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Vikram Sarabhai, Homi Bhabha, Jam Ranjit Sinh ji, Sam Manekshaw, Pranav Mistry, Sam Pitroda and more, are Gujarati.
  5. Come on people, get over with “Fafda” and “Thepla”!

    We’re sure most of them (Gujaratis) want to shout and declare “Fafda” and “Thepla” does not sound like arsenals, at all! If you ever had a chance to visit Gujarat or Gujarati family, you would definitely know that there are many snacks like “Khajli”, “Khakhra”, “Dal vada”, “Gota”, “Chakli”, “Bhajiya”, etc.
    PS: “Ganthiya” and “Fafda” are not same! “Fafda” is one of the many types of “Ganthiya” available in Gujarat.
  6. Gujarati is not a twisted version of Hindi!
    If you’re one of those who thinks that adding “Chhe/Chhu” at the end of a Hindi sentence, makes it Gujarati, then you better check up your vocabulary! Also, removing the “Shirorekha” (upper horizontal line) from Hindi words does not turn them into Gujarati.
  7. The English crisis:
    First and foremost, let us tell you that Gujaratis do understand the difference between “Sh” and “S” very well. Not every Gujarati speaks like “Dayaben” (of TMKOC).
    Today, Gujaratis (the especially younger lot) are well versed with English and we’re talking of those who are educated, raised and born in Gujarat. Never heard the “Sarabhais” (an Indian TV show) talking, wink? (Raise hand, if you too loved the Sarabhais!)
    Check out an interesting story of why an English milkman learned Gujarati!
  8. The Dry State dilemma:
    Gujarat is a dry state. Hence, you don’t expect to see liquor shops in public places. This does not make them “liquor lovers” or “liquor haters”. They’re somewhere in between!
    (Maybe that’s why people are safer in Gujarat, especially females even at wee hours, just saying!)
  9. The Patels:

    Though Patel community is a majority in Gujarat, yet you can’t deny the fact that Gujarat has a large number of people from communities like Brahmins, Vaishyas (Baniya), Lohana, Ahir, Bohra, Maldharis, Parsi, Khoja, and Memon.
    Not all the “Patels” or “Patidars” are rich or wealthy, period.
  10. Modi Bhakti:
    Narendra Modi is one of their favorite in the present day politician. But that doesn’t mean they follow him blindly but they appraise him for his works in Gujarat (when did you last heard of a farmer committed suicide in Gujarat?).
    Check out a story on a first Indian-Gujarati farmer to sell power from his own farm!
    We may have missed few things in here, but hope you’ll love to share it!

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