Tragic Death That Happened While Taking Selfie. . .

The selfie is inescapable. This year there are more numbers of selfie deaths than shark attacks. There are more than 50 million hashtags of the word selfie. With the popularity, there is also a lot of death associated with the word. Let us have a look at the deaths that happened while taking a selfie.

  1. The flaming selfie
    This Romanian teenager burnt herself to death while she was attempting to take the ultimate selfie on the roof of a train. She accidentally touched a live wire and burnt herself.
    Anna Ursu was 18 and she went to the railway station at Iasi to take the selfie, which she wanted to put up on her social networking page. When she was on the top of the train she swung her legs in the air without realizing that the wire could send a zapping 27000 volts across her body. Unfortunately, the wire was live and she met with a tragic death. Despite the efforts of her friend and passengers on the station, she did not survive the accident.
  2. The gun shot selfie

    Playing with guns is not a child’s play. In 2014, Oscar Otero Aguilar died while he was taking a selfie with a gun. The gun discharged itself and killed the guy. Oscar was a selfie addict and he had taken many selfies in front of the luxury car, fancy bikes, and pretty woman. The man died while he was on his way to the hospital after the gun shot.
  3. The bride’s Last selfie
    image3The 26-year-old Colette Moreno di died in a car accident while she was on her way to her own bachelorette party. She left behind a five-year-old son and a heartbroken fiancé. She died because of an asthmatic reaction caused by the fumes that came out of the car she collided in.
  4. The railway bridge selfie
    image4Xenia was a 17-year-old passionate photographer.She plunged a 30 feet railway bridge. While she was falling she held a 1500 volt wire and she was electrocuted to death. She was a very passionate photographer and she had gone on top of a bridge in Krasnogvardeysky, in Saint Petersburg.Her death was reported by children who were playing there. Police believe that she might have been alive when she was electrocuted and finally died after hitting the ground.
  5. The first date selfie
    Miss Hollaway, the bassist of a band called Burning Blue, died while she was taking a selfie on a cliff.
    Holloway was in a long distant relationship with Nicholas and she was out on her first date with Nicholas. Nicholas flew from the UK to South Africa to make this visit to the Northcliff Hill. Holloway was standing on the edge of the cliff and the rock gave it way. The bassist fell and by the time paramedics arrived she was dead.

Be careful while you take a selfie,it has costed lives of many.


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