9 Signs That Tell You If Your Bae Is Ready For The Marriage. . .

When you are in a relationship with someone for short or long time, there are so many things that make you doubtful. whether this person is the one for me? Should I start thinking about getting married? Though you feel very comfortable around them but that cannot decide the fate of your relationship. You have to observe many other things to check whether you both are compatible with each other or not. If you are having trouble in concluding about your relationship, than read below 9 signs that can tell you if your bae is really serious and want to get married to you:

  1. No matter what happens, your bae loves you unconditionally.
    Even if you look like a zombie sometimes, they don’t stop loving you.
  2. Bae stands by your side through thick and thin and never leaves you alone.
    Whether you have a fight with your bestie or someone passed away, bae is always there.
  3. When you are sick, your bae take good care of you just like your own family.
    Looking after you like your own mom and that feels great.
  4. Bae not only helps you when needed, but also offer support to the people you love.
    Your dad’s car is not working? Call your bae and they will fix it anytime.
  5. They accept your past and never say anything which can make you feel bad.
    Instead, they embrace your past happily.
  6. Your bae doesn’t pretend and behave fake. They are real with you always.
    They are not afraid to be themselves in front of you.
  7. Whenever you are upset, they do anything to cheer you up.
    They try everything to bring a smile on your face.
  8. If something bad happens, you can always rely on them for everything.
    They are always available for you if you need them.
  9. Even if you are living far away from them, they try their best not to make you feel alone.
    They don’t forget to call you regularly and send you random gifts just to make you feel special.

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