9 Ways to Cope With Noisy Co Workers In Your Office. . .

Working with colleagues can be great fun especially if you have same interests. You get to chat with each other, go out together and do many other activities. But sometime, these co-workers can be really annoying. They bother you a lot while you are working and that distracts you from your work. You can’t even say anything to them as you have good terms with all those employees. Imagine when you are trying your best to focus on your important project but your colleagues want to do some fun activity and be unnecessarily loud around you which distract your attention. If you are one of those people who have to work with nosy colleagues, then here are few ways through which you can cope with them:

  1. Put your headphones and play a nice song on it so that you cannot hear what’s going on around you. giphy.com
  2. In case if you don’t have headphones, you can put tissue papers in your ears to block the noise. giphy.com
  3. If you are doing an important project, try to find a quiet place in office where you can sit alone and concentrate on your work. giphy.com
  4. Show them that you are getting disturbed. You can do it by giving them weird looks. giphy.com
  5. Establish a ‘quiet zone’ at work where people can have some time alone and focus on their work quietly. giphy.com
  6. Put up this matter in a meeting by saying that there should be less distraction while the employees are working. giphy.com
  7. You can request them yourself in a polite way that you want silence for some time. giphy.com
  8. If requesting them doesn’t work, then tell your boss about how loud the office is. They can handle the matter in their own way. giphy.com
  9. At the end of day, these nosy colleagues are the ones who keep you and everyone entertained and office is empty without their presence. giphy.com

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