Things You Will Understand If You Grew Up Watching A Lot Of Bollywood Movies. . .

Movies is a major time pass for everyone but then there are some for whom movies hold a special place. Bollywood movies have evolved a lot over a period of time. But with it, your love for them wouldn’t have changed at all.

If you are someone who has grown up watching a lot of Bollywood movies and are a complete movie buff, here are few things you will definitely understand:

  1. Missing the trailers is nothing less than crime
    For some, trailers are the pure waste of time. After all, you can always watch them again on television or on YouTube. However, for you trailers are a part of a movie. Missing them would be equivalent to missing an important part of the movie. If you are missing the trailer, it is better to miss the entire movie and catch the next show.
  2. Counting the days for a movie to release is a nightmare
    Waiting for a movie you are looking forward to releasing would feel like a nightmare. The days would seem like passing by in a slow-motion and you just can’t for the D-Day to arrive where you would be watching the first show.
  3. A great collection of movies
    You have an amazing collection of movies; maybe 2-3 hard disks full of them. You can’t help but collect all types of movies, especially the ones from your childhood. You will never feel like they are enough. People come to you to borrow movies from you.
  4. You hate chattering during movies
    The slightest amount of noise in the cinema hall irritates you. People chattering, coughing, the ringing of mobile phone etc. is not supposed to take place inside the movie hall. Any type of disturbance tests your patience.
  5. Judging a person when they say they don’t watch much movies
    You can’t help but automatically judge a person when they say they are not into movies. You gather instant dislike and start wondering how your life would be without movies in it.
  6. You instantly link something that has happened with a similar movie scene
    That is just you. You automatically link something that has happened with a similar movie scene and you instantly feel like you are in a movie. You kind of hope that the situation will lead to the consequences that are very similar to the one in the movie.
  7. You can’t help but recommend the movies you love to people
    Well, the movie is so good and you love it, so why not recommend it to people around you. More people should know how good the movie is and you just can’t believe they haven’t seen it yet.
  8. New actors just can’t replace the old ones
    The new upcoming actors simply can’t replace the old ones – the ones you grew up seeing. No matter how good they are, how great their movie performs but the magic that older ones created is irreplaceable. You often end up watching their movies over and over again.

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