Brands You Didn’t Know Are Indian!. . .

Whenever you come across names of big brands, you naturally assume they are foreign imports. But do you know that there are a number of brands which we assume to be international but which are actually Indian? Let us have a look at some of those brands.

  1. Lakme
    Many people believe this as a French branddue to “e” at the end of the name. Although the brand is owned by Unilever, not many know that the Tata Company was actually the brain behind the brand. Initially, it was a part of the Tata Oil Mills. They named it Lakme, after a French Opera. After Independence, JRD Tata started manufacturing it on the request of Nehru and it was sold to Hindustan Unilever in 1996.
  2. Westside
    Yes, this is an Indian brand but you are bound to get confused as the word “west” is attached to it. The fact is that it is owned by Trent, which is a retail arm of the Tata group. The headquarter is located in Mumbai.
  3. Peter England
    The name has an “England” attached to it but it doesn’t mean they have hailed from England. They are pretty much Indian and is one of the largest apparel brands in India. Although the brand has an Irish connection, in 2000 Madura Garments acquired the worldwide rights for it.
  4. Royal Enfield
    It may seem that this brand is actually American or European, but the fact is that it is completely an Indian product. Redditch Company, which was a British one, collaborated with Madras Motors in India to form the Enfield India whose primary task is to assemble the 350cc Royal Enfield motorcycle in Chennai.
  5. McDowell’s No.1
    Angus McDowell, who is a Scottish distiller, established the “McDowell and Company” in 1898 in India. It was an overseas branch of McDowell of Scotland. Vittal Mallya’s UB Group acquired the company in 1951 and the first distillery was located in Kerala.
  6. Hike Messenger
    Hike Messenger, one of the most popular text messaging apps, more popular for its stickers, is actually an Indian invention. This app became so popular that Tyra Banks endorsed it on America’s Next Top Model. Bharti Enterprise and Soft Bank launched it in the year 2012.
  7. Ching’s Secret
    You may feel from the name that it’s a Chinese brand and more so it deals with Chinese food. But the truth is that this company was founded by Ajay Gupta in Mumbai in 1996. So the noodles, sauces, soups, and other things from Ching’s you eat, is actually Indian.
  8. Hidesign
    It is one of the best looking leather brands of India but the name often compels us to think it is a foreign brand. But the brand is actually based in Pondicherry and was established in 1978. Dilip Kapur owns 92.81% of the company’s share and Louis Vuitton India the rest 5%. The brand has a strong presence in Australia, South East Asia,and the UK.
  9. Raymond
    The brand which makes you ‘The Complete Man’ is actually an Indian company. Raymond is India’s largest fabric and fashion retailer. There are other apparel brands of Raymond like Raymond Premium Apparel, Park Avenue, ColorPlus, and Parx.
  10. White Mischief
    The famous vodka and brandy brand which seems to be a foreign import is actually an Indian enterprise.

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