5 Political Events That Changed The Course Of History. . .

When we hear the term history, the only things we recall are the hardcover books, containing loads of information which we have to study to pass our exam. But, the fact is history is not about mugging up the information and pass the examination. Infact, it is a culmination of a number of events which have helped shape and reshape the society continuously and gave us the world we are living today.
Since there are various such historical socio-political events spanning across time and boundaries, we have handpicked 5 political events which totally changed the course of history.

  1. The Reformation Movement
    One of the earliest political events which are even talked off today is the Reformation Movement. The Reformation movement was born on the pretext of challenging and questioning the absolute practices and teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. The time period for this movement was 1517-1648 and changed the way people used to think and react. The challenge was to clip the wings of the Catholic Church to bring it to the Biblical roots. But the end result came up with the division of Christianity into two faction sects- the Protestants and the Catholic. Other results of the Reformation movement were to give the common people the access to the religious texts and the formation of the New World, or the modern day America.
  2. American Revolution
    The American Revolution started off in 1775 and continued till 1783. America was at that time a colony of the imperial British and they were miffed with the way they were treated. They decided to revolt and mixed the idea from the Christian Bible with the ideology behind the Greek and the Roman civilizations. They believed that every man is born equal and should be treated so and with that view in mind they, including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, signed the famous Declaration of Independence to form the modern America.
  3. The Fall of the Berlin Wall
    When the World War II ended, the world saw Germany being divided into two parts- East and West Germany separated by the Berlin wall. It was used as a symbol of separating the communist world from the capitalist. But the result was scary as it increased the violence among the people. Finally, in 1989, the wall was brought down by the orders of Mikhail Gorbachev. The fall of the wall indicated the end of communism and gave the people a voice of their own.
  4. Assassination of the Archduke in Austria, 1914
    We all know about the First World War, but only a handful of us know what the immediate reason behind the war was. The Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand was murdered in Serbia which resulted in Austria and Hungary to jointly declare a war on Serbia. The war witnessed the first ever use of deadly weapons which claimed millions of lives. The result was the collapse of monarchies in Russia and Austria and the formation of the League of Nations.
  5. 9/11
    The attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in America is significant as it forced all the nations across the world to jointly launch a combat on Global Terrorism. The attack on the Twin Tower not only took lives but crumpled the world economy for the next seven days. Moreover, the vindication was followed by stereotyping the Muslims as a terrorist all over the world and the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by the US troops which shook the socio-political base of the entire Middle East.

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