Embarrassing Questions Every Mom Asks at Some Point in our Lives. . .

For each one of us our mom’s has a very special place in our lives,but sometimes they can be really irritating when they do not draw a line. It seems like our moms love to embarrass us in front of people or otherwise. There are some things in our lives that we want to keep to ourselves, but our moms do not let us.

Here is a list of some embarrassing things that our moms ask us no matter what.

  1. “When is your period due?”
    Seriously ma! Who even remembers that? Moms generally do not stop at this question, they add, why is it late this month? How many days has it been? I understand that you love me mom but there are times when it is embarrassing and I feel like saying ‘Stop it, Mom.’
  2. “What is that mark on your neck?”
    You know it, mom, you have had it too. But when you ask these questions to me, you often check my creativity. I have to come up with a story within five seconds and because you don’t want to hear the truth, I give you bizarre answers like, I hit a pole, I slept in a weird position, or I scrubbed myself too hard.
  3. “Do you go inner wear shopping with your boyfriend?”
    I wish I could tell her that mom it is ‘lingerie’ and not inner ware. And yes, I go shopping ‘Lingerie’ with my boyfriend.I do not understand what is wrong in that? I am buying some fancy ones for him to see.
    But I bet like always you want to hear, ‘No, I don’t.’
  4. You call me at weird timings and ask me “what are you doing?”
    I was making out with my boyfriend when you called me the last time. The mood was all set, but when you call I have to be extra conscious so that you do not hear me or him.
  5. “Why do you carry your phone to the bathroom?”
    Mom, you would not get this Gen, they love to watch videos and read while they are doing their job in the loo. Also, you never know I might feel like clicking some Instagram pics or maybe some selfies with that pout, hence, it is important to carry my phone in the loo but you will not get it.
  6. “Are you dating him, you sure he is the one for you?”
    Ma, I am just dating him, I do not know if he is the one for me. I like to experiment. If it works out okay, else I will try my luck with someone else.

However, we all know that our moms keep asking us these questions because they are concerned and they love us. Mom, we know that you love us and nobody can match the compassion and love that you have for us. But yes, it is embarrassing at times when you ask these questions.


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