Things you will understand only if your parents are overprotective as hell. . .

We all have parents who care for us and who are always worried about our well-being. They want to ensure that we are all fit and in good health,especially if we are not around them. But there are some parents who take it a step ahead and become over worried and overprotective.

Here is a list of things that you as a kid will relate to, if your parents are overprotective as hell and this makes you embarrassed most of the times.

  1. You beg your parents every time you want to go out.
    Doesn’t matter whether it is a party, a movie or a friends day out, you literally have to beg your parents to let you go with your friends. They find all the reasons in the world to say a no. Your mom will say I am OK, ask your dad and your dad will say I am OK, ask your mom. But both of them become a team and find out ways to cancel your scene.
  2. There are conditions attached to your freedom
    It is okay for you to go out but they will fix clauses like don’t stay out after 10 P.M. Call me every 15 minutes, text me, let me know when you have dinner, ping me the details of the cab driver as soon as you board in and the list goes on.
  3. If you don’t pick up they call your friends
    The problem with your parents is that they want to know and be friends with all your friends. If you miss out on their call, they will call all other friends just to check on you. It can so happen, you see 20 missed calls from mom, the moment you return from the loo and when you call back, you get to know that the reason she called was to check if you are having a good time.
  4. Cold is over bundling you with clothes
    When you revisit your childhood album, you will find out that your parents over bundled you with winter clothes even if it was a mild winter. Basically, you will hate revisiting your childhood album as you will see all your parents’ experiments on you.
  5. They make sure you have enough sunscreen
    Your parents are constantly worried about how you may get a tan or you might start appearing darker if you do not apply sunscreen. Or, there are times that your parents tell you,“Apply sunscreen else, ladka nahi milega.”
  6. No matter how old you are, they tell you what to do
    Yeah, that is true, your parents take the shots in your life. Whether you like it or not, they will have an opinion or/and suggestion in everything you do. They will direct you what to do, when to do and all that.

If you can relate to all the things that are mentioned above, let us know what are the other things you go through.


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