Morning habits That Can Change Your Life. . .

It is often said that “Your habits can either make you or break you” and what habits you have depends entirely on you. One of the essential habits that an individual has and which determines how life unfolds are their morning habits.

Setting up healthy morning habits is very crucial for psychological, physical, and mental health. Some of these habits would have been picked up since you were a child and some over a period of time but if needed, it is never too late to change your habits. Here are few morning habits that will definitely change your life:

  1. Starting the Day Early
    Early morning has some magical energy. It doesn’t mean that you have to wake up at 6 am but don’t wake up at 8.30 either. Starting your day early would mean you would be starting your day when your mind is at peace, the mind is very clear and eventually, you will be in the proactive mode.
  2. Get up and Move
    Move. This can include taking a simple walk or running or even going to a gym. Exercising would get the blood flowing to your brains and also would wake your muscles up. Thus getting your body ready for the long day ahead. Even if you don’t indulge in some rigorous exercise, just stretching out for 10 minutes would do the job.
  3. Listening to Uplifting Music
    Starting your morning by listening to some uplifting music like instrumental, morning chants or religious chants would completely empower you and make you feel pumped for the day ahead. Choose such songs that make you feel relieved and relaxed. Choose the morning playlist carefully as there is a strong possibility of songs getting stuck in your head.
  4. Reduce Frivolous Morning Chores
    Morning energy is very creative and important and hence don’t spend your time on petty chores like the selection of clothes or deciding which coffee to have. This is just pure wastage of time and you can use this time actually doing something constructive and important. Barack Obama was once asked why he chooses to wear only blue or grey suits. His reply to this was, “I have too many other decisions to make.”
  5. Plan your morning
    Plan your morning the previous night. Don’t push the planning till the time you wake up. Rather plan what your to-do list is and what all is to be done before you sleep so that your time is saved and you can get straight to execution.
  6. Be Grateful
    Before you begin your day’s activities, take out a couple of minutes and be grateful for the new day that you have been given and the privileges of life that you have. This is a very important habit to incorporate in life and eventually, it will give you a new outlook towards life in general and other people. This habit will make you happier and also optimistic.

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