90’s Advertisements That Will Always Be Remembered. . .

Just the mention of 90’s brings nostalgia to most of us. Some of the 90’s advertisements were so attractive and catchy that they have secured a special place in our mind and heart. There are many who take to YouTube to watch these advertisements and relive their childhood. Be it music, the taglines or the story-line, it was all very cheerful and iconic. Here are few such advertisements that will take you down the memory lane:

  1. Bajaj Scooter

    The pista green color of Bajaj Scooter and the lyrics of its jingle “Bulund Bharat ki Bulund Tasveer, Hamara Bajaj” would surely bring nostalgia to anyone. Every 90’s kid would remember these lyrics and its very Indian-isticpicturization.

  2. Whirlpool Refrigerator

    This old Whirlpool “quick chill” ad that shows an ongoing party and an instant need of ice would bring the lyrical “Ice Ice baby, Whirlpool, Whirlpool” jingle in anyone’s mind. It surely was an interesting and fascinating advertisement.

  3. Nestle Milky Bar

    A group of kids travelling through space find bars of Milky Bar that convert them into the Milky Bar Kid and hence, give them the power to get rid of the devil. The advertisement may have seemed ridiculous to some but is definitely nostalgic.

  4. Action School Shoes

    This advertisement will not only take you back to these wonderful adverts but also make you nostalgic about your school days. From catching the school bus to that PT time, from opening lunch-boxes in class to wishing teacher Good Morning, everything about school is wonderfully portrayed here.

  5. Suzuki Samurai

    A very simple advertisement and the Japanese man saying “No Problem” would make sure you have a smile on your face after seeing this ad. One of the reasons why this bike became such a rage can be traced back to this ad!

  6. Bournvita

    The jingle “Tan Ki Shakti, Man Ki Shakti” and the tagline “Bada Swad, Badi Shakti” is remembered even now. Bournvita surely made milk-haters start drinking milk and parents heave a sigh of relief.

  7. Nirma Beauty Soap

    Sonali Bendre and the very melodious jingle “Tum Husn Pari, Tum Jaane Jaaha, Tum Sabse Haseen, Tum Sabse Jawan, Saundarya Saboon Nirma” is definitely unforgettable. Shot in beautiful exotic locations, Nirma had done a wonderful job with this advertisement.

  8. Rasna

    A typical 90’s kid when think of summer will remember a chilled glass of Rasna. Be it a birthday party or a simple get-together, Rasna was always present in our homes. The very sweet “I Love You Rasna” at the end of this ad was purely magical.

  9. Liril

    This 1997’s Liril advertisement featuring Preity Zinta dancing under a waterfall to a very melodious Liril tone will make everyone break into a smile. This one was very iconic and bubbly ad. After this ad, Preity was also known as the Liril Girl.

  10. Pepsi

    Remember the YehDilMaange More series by Pepsi featuring Shahid Kapoor, Rani Mukherji, SRK and Kajol? All four of them in a single ad hooked everyone to this ad and Shahid looks almost unrecognizable. This ad is surely a memorable one.

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