8 Dapper Ways To Wear Dhoti For Men. . .

Men’s fashion can be as versatile and daring as women’s fashion. When it comes to wearing dhoti, you need to take care of two aspects – modern and traditional. Since dhoti is a traditional outfit, our male fashionistas can still nail it as a modern wear and look dapper.So it’s time to get over jeans and trousers and style up the dhoti with a modern twist in following ways –

  1. Dhoti with suit Break the old rules and embrace dhoti with a suit. You will set the place ablaze with your sense of style. looksgud.in
  1. Dhoti with Jodhpuri jacket Dhotis are the new cool for the grooms. So replace your tuxedo with a matching dhoti. english.fashion101.in
  1. Dhoti with a shirt Take cues from Sonu Nigam’s look and wear your dhoti with a denim shirt next time for a chic look. pinterest
  1. Dhoti with jacket and scarf Look dapper in a dhoti paired with a jacket and scarf for the ultimate swag. looksgud.in
    1. Dhoti with a blazer Be experimental and pair your cotton blazer with dhoti and leather sandals. looksgud.in
    1. Dhoti with long jacket and turban Skip your pants for a dhoti with a long jacket and sport a turban for added glam quotient. english.fashion101.in
    1. Dhoti with a head wrap and short kurta Nail the perfect bohemian vibes with a dhoti topped with short collared kurta and a head wrap. looksgud.in
      1. Dhoti with a casual tee Skip your denim for dhoti with your casual tee and nail the everyday look with a pair of sneakers to complete the outfit. looksgud.in

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