8 Funny Excuses Given By Crazy Shoppers. . .

Is shopping your cardio as well? You buy whatever you like? Then you definitely are a shopaholic. Those who love to shop for hours admit that shopping cheers them up like nothing else.


Many times, we shop way beyond our needs and then look for excuses to justify our purchases. If you are one crazy shopper, then you might also have used these excuses to justify your little indulgence –

  1. I have nothing to wear
    Because that is the end of the world for us!
  1. I was in need of retail therapy to cheer me up
    I was sad and needed shopping to make me happy again.
  1. I am just helping the economy
    Who else will? I am just doing my bit.
  1. I have no time to iron
    I need to go to the party in the night and no time to iron clothes. Duh!
  1. Shopping keeps me fit
    Evidently, shopping is my cardio.
  1. I wasn’t shopping for myself technically
    I was shopping for, well…erm, my friend.
  1. I saved money by shopping at sale
    Look how much I saved at the flash sale. I am cool like that.
  1. What if someone else buys it before me?!
    Well, I just avoided a disaster from happening, you know.

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