Things Married Couples Are Tired of Hearing. . .

Marital relationship brings lots of happiness and special moments in one’s life. In addition, it also brings some of the free pieces of advice from close friends, neighborhood couples, relatives, uncles, and aunts, along with some from marital partners. Up to some extent, such advice is valuable for individuals but after that, it becomes unwanted, tiring or irritating ones.

In this article, we would discuss few things, which married couples get tired of hearing from others including their own spouses and ways/give answers to such irritable questions.

  1. Question 1-Did You Feel Monogamy
    Most of the friends or relatives ask a common question to either of the partner i.e. “Do you feel monogamy or sad because of sleeping with only one person?” The best way to deal with this question is to say simply No and quit from there.
  2. Question 2-Facts on Divorce
    Most of the times, spouse or any friend asks, “Do you ever know that about 50 percent of marriages ended in divorce?” In this situation, you should laugh and say thanks for indicating the fact and cross-question the person, “Do you want to tell me the chances of my breakup?”
  3. Question 3-Forever Relations
    Another irritating question or thing is “Are you sure about your strong and forever relationship with your partner?” Here, you should say “No, as eventually anyone between my partner or I have to die. Anyway, I should say thanks for reminding us about it.”
  4. Question 4-Partner Attractive or Not
    Many individuals ask one of the married couples, especially to men, “Do you until now think your partner as attractive?” You should give answer to this question in loud voice and state, “Yes, my partner is still attractive for me and continue to be attractive for lifetime.”
  5. Question 5-Changes in Lifestyle Post Marriage
    Few people might ask you, “Do you think everything has changed after your marriage?” Answer to this is very simple, yes, changes in situations and things have taken place after marriage but such changes have also brought lot of happiness and sweetness in the marital relations. In other words, you should give reply in an intellect manner.
  6. Question 6-Sharing Bank Accounts
    One more irritating question, which most of the married men and women face equally is “Whether you hesitate or hate to share bank accounts with your partner?” Your reply in this case should be “Well, we do not have any problem in sharing bank accounts with each other, but sometimes we bound to do so for savings and for meeting requirements of our children and our better life in future.”
  7. Question 7-Opinion about In-laws
    Last, but not the least, you may likely come across one of the tired and embarrassing question after your marriage. This is “What do you think about your in-laws? Do you hate them?” Indeed, the question leads to severe quarrels and misunderstandings in between partners. In order to deal with this, you should say one thing, “My in-laws are equally affectionate and respectable, as similar to my real ones” and leave that place.

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