7 Must Have Essentials To Be A Desi Kudi With The Desi Tadka. . .

Wherever you choose to go and whatever you opt to do, at your heart you will definitely like to be in Indian avatars at some point in your life. Moreover, beautiful pictures of your friends and cousins wearing beautiful sarees or trendy Patiala suits would obviously entice you to dress up yourself in Indian get-up. Indeed, you may look very pretty in your jeans or leggings, but to be a desi kudi in Indian get-up, you would require detailing to some extent, which includes the following.

  1. Kajal in Your Eyes
    Whether you opt to wear a chiffon saree or a Salwar suit, you should make sure to keep kajal in your handbag. In fact, you will be able to give a perfect Indian touch by simply adding some thick and bold kajal to the eyes.
  2. Desi Dupatta
    According to the Indian tradition, women and young girls have to cover their heads with dupattas, especially at the time of worshipping God or in front of elder members of the family. Other than this, carrying a beautiful dupatta acts as a fashion statement for Indian girls. Positively, girls may choose for Indian fashion to find varieties of dupattas, which would obviously give ravishing look on any day.
  3. Jhumkas or Earrings
    Regardless of your attire as a designer lehenga or a simple kurti, you will find earrings or jhumkas as ultimate essentials to become a ‘Desi Kudi’. Hence, never hesitate to invest in varieties of colors, sizes, and designs available in jhumkas.
  4. Bindi
    Gone are the days, when only married women in India have to put bindis on their forehead. Instead, a simple yet colorful bindi has now become the worldwide fashion of young girls. Furthermore, as you get different colors and designer options with your bindi, you may opt to pair it with almost every type of attire to get an offbeat and a chic look. In simple words, a bindi is mandatory to become a Desi Kudi.
  5. Bangles
    Now, you have to give attention towards accessories to wear on your hands. In this case, you may go for colorful and trendy bangles. These accessories go best in combination with almost every type of garment or cloth. Hence, to get a perfect look you should never overlook such unique pieces of bangles.
  6. Ethnic Footwear
    A style or a fashion always remains incomplete without a pair of trendy footwear and the same rule goes with your Desi look. Hence, once you aredone with every possible accessory/essential to go for Desi look, you have to reach the next step associated with being a Desi Kudi. Here, you should give the concern to choose for ethnic footwear and thereby invent the Desi Avatar. Here, you may go for the pair of either Kolhapuris or swanky jootis.
  7. Desi Kudi Actions
    Last, but not the least, other than dressing up in the Desi Kudi look, you should never hesitate to give some of your ‘Desi sass’. Therefore, by considering few essentials, you would allow the world to applaud a Queen in you.

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