Characters You Will Always Find In Every Boys Hostel. . .

The Hostel is one of the best things that can happen to anybody. It teaches you to be independent and makes you responsible. You will make friends that last a lifetime in your hostel. But hostel never fails to amaze you with the kind of characters you have in them.

Here is a list all the characters that you will find in the boys hostel.

  1. The Sharaabi
    Boys build a special taste and preference towards alcohol when they stay in the hostel. ‘Daaru’ becomes a companion that suits every occasion. Be it a breakup or a backlog or a placement, some boys think it is the solution to everything.
  2. The Flirt
    Ever met thatone guy, who manages to impress even the hottest or the most committed chic on the campus? They seem to have a different aura and bad ass charm that every girl on the campus falls for.
  3. The Geek
    This guy is your savior during exams, assignments, and doubts. He knows the answer to everything. Behind his back the whole hostel calls him ‘Chatur’, but without this Chatur it is impossible to clear any exam. He is every teacher’s pet and the photocopy shop has a copy of his notes.
  4. The Hungry
    Most guys who stay in the hostel are hungry. But there is one guy in particular that you will find hanging around the canteen. He knows all the eateries around the hostel. All the restaurants near your hostel love him and he is a regular there. His hunger crosses all leaps and bounds during exams.
  5. The Broke
    We all know this one friend of ours from the hostel who is always broke and he wants money all the time. He promises to repay you, but he misses most of the time. Be it the start of every month or the end of the month, you ever ask him to go out, he will end up saying ‘Bro, I am broke.’
  6. The Bak chod
    He is the guy who gives you headaches most of the time. He is your best source of gossip and once he starts talking, there is no end to his conversation. If he is talking to you then you only nod your head or utter two three words maximum in an hour long conversation.
  7. The Leader
    Nobody chose him to be a leader. His qualities are such that without any special responsibilities given to him, he manages the whole hostel. People love him and listen to what he has to say. He is always surrounded by people. Everyone knows him.
  8. The Money maker
    While the whole hostel concentrates on exams, assignments, etc.; this guy focuses on money. He finds out ways to make money. Whether it is a college fest, raising a sponsorship or running a small business in college, this guy has his ‘Jugaad’. He seems to always have the money.

Tag all the people you relate to from your hostel and let us know if you had some other characters as well.


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