Top Most Controversial Bollywood Movies. . .

Every time whenever a bold producer produces and releases his or her movie, the movie often courts all types of controversies. Even though most of them are usually publicity stunts, few of them often outrage their stems from exploring any sensitive topic or a specific lifestyle far from acceptance of the society. Let us discuss top controversial Bollywood movies released during the recent few years.

  1. Madras Café Released in 2013
    Madras Café movie with star as John Abraham has suffered controversy in law court even before its release and hit in film theatres. Both the director and actor of the movie had faced dissension from MDMK and Naam Tamizar of Tamil Nadu because of the highlight of post civil war with Sri Lanka. Even political parties intended to put a ban on the Madras Café Bollywood movie.
  2. My Name is Khan Released in 2010
    Political controversies associated with My Name is Khan with star Mr. Sharukh Khan (popularly known as SRK) released during 2010 have inspired the movie to earn about millions of dollars. However, after the release of the movie, SRK faced harassment from immigration officers when he visited theUnited States for promotion of his films. In addition, he faced a fight with Shiv Sena group when he commented aggressively about cricket players of Pakistan who are not coming to India for participating in IPL sessions. Both of these controversies result in attacks on booking centers and cinema halls.
  3. Fanaa Released in 2006
    Aamir Khan (AK) acted and produced the movie in 2006 named Fanaa did not contain any controversies in its script or story. However, the political controversy had taken place when AK went to Gujarat for promotion of his movie and commented by showing his concern to rehabilitate local area people suffered problems from the Narmada Dam. Political parties considered the act of Aamir Khan as a big offence and hence, they unofficially banned the release of Fanaa in Gujarat and political leaders as well as other people burnt effigies and posters of Aamir Khan.
  4. Black Friday Released in 2004
    Black Friday constitutes a cinematic adaption of the book titled 1993 Bombay Bombings; “Black Friday” of author S. Hussain Zaidi did not get the permission to release for a period of about two years. The accused person in the actual bombing incident, about whom is mentioned in the movie, filed a petition to get a stay. The reason for this is that verdict in law court was continuing, while the movie may cause bias in the public opinion in its opposition. However, after two years, law court permitted for its release in theatres.
  5. Aandhi Released in 1975
    Aandhi movie does not contain any controversial fact, excluding the rumors that the movie highlighted the story of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (during that time). However, the reality was that Suchitra Sen’s getup was inspired by a leading political leader of that time named Tarkeshwari Devi. Political leaders did not allow the release of the movie completely when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister and further banned during the emergency of 1975.

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